First time experience in assembling IKEA furniture.

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As some of you have seen on my Instagram pictures, I've finally got my work table! I was pretty excited about my table because I've been sitting on the floor for about few years now and it has really caused some back, neck and shoulder aches.

So right now I'm about to share with you my first time experience in assembling a furniture from IKEA. This is definitely not a big deal kind of blog post but I just had to blog about it because it is something for me  to remember.. after all it was my first time and it is also something i'm kinda proud of! Haha...

I forgot to take pictures of the parts before begin assembling because I did not think of blogging about till later on. :p But when I first opened the box my mind went *????* literally. I even had second thoughts if I should do this, because what if i spoil it? 

But I decided to just take a look at the manual and see how it goes. The first page was the instruction for the drawers! You may check my Instagram for my drawers' picture. The first thought I had in mind was, "okay the drawer looks easy, just do this first, if it gets tough I'll stop".

Actually it's really not too bad! The instructions are pretty clear, however you have to really look at the pictures properly. I'm kind of amazed at how detailed their instructions are including the drawing. They literally drew exactly how the furniture would look like. 

The other side of the leg.

After assembling the parts, i brought them to my room because I knew if i assembled the whole thing at my living room I wont be able to carry it into my room. 

It is finally finished! I got to say I'm pretty happy that I could do this on my own. It was however pretty heavy when I had to turn the table over and stuff. But anyhow I did it so yay! :) 

Some people would usually pay Ikea people to assemble, charges are 8% of the cost of the product. So if you bought a furniture cost RM500, you'll be paying RM40 which is not too bad actually. But then again if you are able to assemble them on your own and save some money why not right? :) 

So to conclude for IKEA furnitures, If I could do it, so can you!!! :) 

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  1. Replies
    1. Had to.. cause i need the right side of the table for make up, need the light from the window. :)

  2. Wah, cool. How much you bought for this one?

  3. woo woo! i have the same ikea table too! mine is white in colour!! :D

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing such a easiest and thrifty way to assemble the furniture. Is this only for wooden stuff..?

  5. Now i have got it that how important this kind of blogs are..! Thanks a lot for the useful tips and great concern that you have shown in the furniture and blogs as well. :-)


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