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A while back I bought a curling iron from, and it was my birthday present from James, Chloe and Will. So when I received the package I was super excited!!! Let's unwrap/unbox together.

I bought a shampoo together with this since it was FREE POSTAGE above RM100.

I was pleased with the packaging because it was well wrapped and protected with a few layers of bubble wraps.  

I was being all excited and opening up the plastic and the box gently....
I took out the curling iron and started to look around and checked if there's any damaged. Well it surely didn't take long for me to realize the damage on the product.

That's not all, i turned it to the back and saw this. 

The part where the clipper is, when i pressed on the clip and it opened I saw inside was a little damaged too. Basically you could tell that it wont take long for the ceramic to slowly peel off. My heart stopped. I was super disappointed. I mean come on, it's my first time purchasing a product from them, and there are over 5,000 of people of 'like' their Facebook page so I thought their service was good.. 

So I contacted them via E-mail, waited till the next day, no reply. I messaged them on Facebook and waited for another day still no reply! Gosh I was really annoyed, I mean come on it is pretty obvious your online blogshop/company is a pretty big one, reputation would definitely be important to you guys. 

So on the third day I finally called them and told them the problem. One good thing however is that after i called them to ask them to check their mail,  instead of replying me there they took the initiative to CALL me back instead. 

I was told to send the product back to them and they will resend it to me. Another good thing is the postage to send it back to them was covered. What they did for me was transferred RM6.80 to my Maybank account. 

So I waited for about 1 week for them to resend the product to me.

The resent product's packaging was not as good and safe as the first time, due to that I was a little worried that maybe the product could have been damaged and that I had to send it back to them AGAIN.

But thank God this time there's no damaged! I'm very satisfied with this product now, if it weren't for the previous issue, I would've been a 100% happy and satisfied customer, but because the damaged issue did happen, i'm only 85%.. 

But to conclude, it is a pretty big company and probably they were short of staffs, I give them the benefit of the doubt. At least they paid for the postage and everything so yeah I'm okay with that.


  • Good quality products (those that aren't damaged)
  • They have quite a variety of hair products
  • Good service for paying for postage
  • Service not that good, I mean how can you not check your product first before posting to your customers?
  • Take forever to check their mails and reply (Facebook/Email)
Repurchase?: Even given the things that have happened, I would still repurchase from them because of the variety they have and compared to other online shops, their pricing are somewhat one of the cheapest. 

Hope you find this blog post useful! :)

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  1. OH WELL.. maybe the damage is made during the process of getting to you?;P maybe it's the postman? hahaha.. anyway.. not bad la their service. At lease they change a new one for u ...^^

    1. Not possible dear because it was very well packed and wrapped. The first product the ceramic actually looked like is rusty.... when i told them about it they also apologized. But yeap good they replace new one. OF COURSE THEY HAVE TO. lol

  2. Hmm if they provide a better service I think it will be better =P

    1. I don't think their service is bad... but I think they should check their mails more often.

  3. It's actually not bad considering that they cover the return charges :)

    1. Yeap it's probably a rare mistake, but the part where they take long to reply mails is really bad.

  4. they should reply u faster la! so not efficient :(

  5. Slow is one thing, but they cover return postage...that's rather impressive.

    1. At first they said i have to pay for postage... i forgot what happened after but don't risk la... they might cover mine but might not cover others... who knows. :)

  6. For curling tongs…always stick for Baby liss…V&G is just one of the cheap chinese brands that copied everything from the curling tong itself to the packaging from Baby liss…

  7. yeah..i don't think their service is upgrade, after a year from your blog posted, service not good also, not reply msg in FB .. haiz..hopefully can get my order soon.


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