Tiger Halloween Dead Thirsty Party @ Thai Club

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Now that everyone is so happening going for halloween parties, here's something to add on to that list. Just yesterday (26th October 2012) I attended a Halloween Party by Tiger Beer at Thai Club, Kuala Lumpur. Before I continue with this blog post, I would like to thank Isaac Tan for bringing me to this party, many thanks again Isaac. :)

As soon as we arrived at the venue we registered ourselves. I was invited by Isaac just the night before the event hence it was a little too late for me to dress up as anything for halloween other than dressing up as myself. 

But I was surprised that props were provided at registration. 

And so... I took the devil's ears not because I'm evil, in fact i'm the most innocent and purest person you would know. Lol. :p

We were pretty early so we headed in and had some drink while waiting for the rest to arrive. Both Isaac and I were happy when we knew Benjamin was coming. :D

When we were seated and just chilling, Isaac suddenly turned his head back, saw the mask and got frightened. That was kinda funny... lol.

After a few minutes Freddie arrived and sat behind us. Had a few cheers and took some pictures with him with his awesome costume. Because we were pretty early, and there was nothing going on inside we went back outside. Isaac finally decided to choose a costume/prob for himself, uncle Freddie joined us a few minutes later.

with Hui Min
Hui Min looked so cute but at the same time fancy. Never underestimate her when it comes to cosplay and halloween.

Can you guess who this is?

The night started off with a performance in which i thought was amazing! I did not catch the name of their band, but their singing is just amazing! I kept wondering "why are you guys here?" just because I thought they sang really really well and should be artists or something.

The second performance of the night was a dance performance by zombies. They all look really really young, but regardless they are pretty good dancers. Especially the lead dancer, I watched her move and sway so sexily. :) Here's a video of them dancing Gangnam Style, the sound is terrible and I've no idea why. I think it could be maybe the bass too strong or something. 

Please watch it in HD. 

The night continued with an attention grabbing performance by the Queens from China. They are not only gorgeous but also know how to entertain the crowd with their song choice, dance, and creativity.

The eye laser effect was the coolest in their performance. 

There was a Q&A contest where the Queens would ask a question and a participant will have to go on stage and answer the question. The prize is a bottle of Martell V.S.O.P.

That was pretty much it, performances, socializing and taking a lot of pictures. I left a little earlier but according to Benjamin, he said after the performance it was just clubbing.

Rest of the pictures

First ghost that came to my mind. Ju-on lol and check out the indian guy posing. Haha!

with Simon

Ben foo 

Ah Bok


Such a sweet and lovely couple. :)

with Jackie and Ben LOL.

I've got to say, the make up artist did a pretty amazing job. His fake wounds look kinda real.

The Three Murderers

I did not know I was surrounded by them I was just posing for the camera.. lol. 

All of us trying to look scary. The girls are too adorable to look scary. :p 

Photo credits to Isaactan.net

For more pictures, please visit HERE

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