Veet gives me soft and smooth skin that brings out the confidence in me

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Have you girls ever wondered what would it be like if the invention of hair removal was non existent? I know that back in the days, well in China at least, women there have hair all over their body! (okay i don't mean hairy like an animal, but you know... the usual areas) It never occur to them to get rid of at least the arm pit hair.

Do you remember when was the first time you started bothering about shaving/plucking/waxing your armpit hair? I remember when I first started my vain journey was at the age of 15, back then I used to pluck, and it was kind of difficult and neck straining.

What about your legs? I know there are some people who shaves and I never did that because my mum told me that if I shaved it'll grow more, and people been telling me too that if i shave my hair would grow thicker. So my first time ever hair removal on my legs was through D.I.Y waxing, and it wasn't from Veet. However later on I decided to give Veet a try and noticed that Veet is much more gentle on the skin as compared to my previous brand.

Back to the question, so what will life be like for us women if all these waxing and hair removal products never existed? For me it would be a horror! It is the same as what if make up never existed, we would all look plain and boring! No offense, hey i'm talking about me too. :p

Personally, the way to bring out a woman's femininity and confidence is to have less hair on the body. No matter how sexy and hot their body is, big boobs, firm ass, slim waist, etc, it will never be the same if that person is hairy. Take Kim Kardashian for example, I know some people dig her but what if she looked like this?

Hairy Kim Kardashian pictures 

So how does Veet gives me soft and smooth skin that brings out my confidence?

Right now I'm really thankful for Veet for its existence. Without Veet, I won't be able to show more of my skin. If i was wearing my shorts and a sleeveless top but filled with body hair (well for me would be armpit and legs), I would rather wear a long sleeved top and a pair of jeans.

I would personally feel unhygienic if i had body hair like the picture above. Because of Veet's gentleness of my skin I am not only able to feel hairless, but also able to feel confident when I reveal my soft and smooth skin. I don't have to strain my neck to pluck my armpit hair, worry about my leg hair, and bikini line. The existence of Veet has made me a very happy and confident person. I don't have to spend heaps of ringgit just to get my hair removed when they will come back again in less than two weeks to a month.

Great thing about Veet is their variety! If you can't stand pain from wax strips or hot wax, there's always their popular Veet Hair Removal Cream. Check out the two videos below.

With that I would like to share with you my clothing that I revamped and able to wear all thanks to Veet.

*Please excuse the blur image, my pictures tend to be blur when the room isn't bright and when I don't use flash.

Before & After

I wanted to wear something comfortable for a casual night out, but if I don't feel confident, I won't look confident. I transformed my cardigan to a top by folding and tying it, added a necklace and a pair of comfortable heels.

Necklace from H&M!

Cardigan from a blogshop I bought few years ago

Shorts from Cotton On

Shoes from Vincci

As for the rest of the pictures below, just for fun! :)


Thanks for reading! :)

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