Girls Morning Out @ Plan B Roasters, Publika

6:45 PM

It is not everyday we get to meet up in a group like this because everyone is busy with work and life. Whenever we get the chance to meet up in a group it's always a very exciting event for me. It was a Tuesday morning when we came to Plan b.Roasters at Publika, we met up at 10am because we wanted to go to our Happy Place for breakfast and then head to H&M after. Unfortunately our Happy Place doesn't open on Tuesdays :(.

Due to that some suggested to go here instead, and honestly I did not know there are two types of Plan B restaurants! As we know there's a Plan B restaurant in Publika near one of the entrance/exits, but Plan b. Roasters is located inside Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G).

Their menu is slightly different compared to Plan b. Now I'm a coffee person, so when I saw this promotion I was so happy, not to mention it was morning! Lol I usually wake up around 2 to 3 pm so yeah I really needed coffee then.

The 1-For-1 has to be the same coffee. I ordered Cappuccino with Leanna, Karmun and Emmy ordered Iced Latte I think.

Iced Latte

My Cappuccino. Picture inspired by Karmun, she took my sunglasses and I thought hey what a creative idea! But i'm not sure if our picture turned out the same lol!

My darlings. I've known them since my first year in BComm, and I still remember how we got to know each other and our perception on each other. :p
Leanna, she's now in US. Be safe Nana (our nickname for her)! When I first met her was in Foundation, she used to hang with one of my friend. I still remember the time when they brought alcohol to college in a bottle, forgot what kind of bottle but definitely not plastic. Other times when I walk along the corridor I would see her sitting and reading at the side or sleeping. But later on when I saw her again in Bcomm, she was hanging with Emmy and Wei Lian(oh yeah Wei Lian is not in the blogpost :(. ) and the story continues... oh yeah there's something about her that makes me like her very much, until today I've no idea what it is, but whenever I see her I feel like hugging her. Lol.

Emmy! When I first saw her it was in a class called The Movies. We all had to copy a movie file from her in order to do our assignments. Back then I thought she was the smart smart and teacher's pet kind of girl, and I used to be scared of her cause she seemed fierce. But when I got to know her, she's smart, but definitely not a teacher's pet. She still can be pretty fierce if you pissed her off but she's also very loving in her own ways that only her friends can understand. I love you Emmy! *hugs* We call her Mama Ems! 

Karmun, Emmy, Christine
Christine is one of the cutest but at the same time hottest person i've ever met. Her bubbly personality brightens up the room, but when it comes to serious stuff she can be serious. She's always very cute to me, but when she dresses up, gosh she's like really hot. She's a girl wth many talents, she's smart, she's a great singer (I love her voice), she can dance, she's pretty, she's sweet, and very kind hearted. If you are wondering, yes she's the Christine from Traxx FM. Haha! I got to know Emmy, Leanna, and Wei Lian through Christine. (Nick Name: Meow)

Karmun, when I first saw her i thought she's really pretty because of her big eyes and kind of the rocker chic kind of cool. She's known as the girl who jogs around Main Block parking area every day :p, that explains her frequent marathon blog posts, she loves to run. We got closer to her through Christine too. As I got to know her, she's actually quite soft. She is much more relaxed and more herself with us now, and sometimes she can be really really cute. Here's a tip, try to walk behind her more often :p and oh yeah she's also very cute when she plays pool. (Nick name: Red Head) I wonder if her nick name will remain the same when her hair isn't red anymore. :/

As for the rest of the girls who aren't here, I'll talk about them another time. So now you know my dearest girlfriends, it's time for FOOD! Hehe.

Rare Roast Beef Baguette, RM15.90: Roast Beef, Arugula, Caramelised Onion, Fried Capers and Dijonnaise sauce in baguette.

Cured Salmon Sandwich, RM19.90: Cured Salmon, Red Onions, Capers, Sour cream, Chivers.

Chicken Caesar Sandwich, RM18.90: Chargrilled Chicken Breast, Romain Lettuce, Turkey Bacon, Egg Mayo, Gruyere Crisp, and Caesar Dressing. This was mine and it was not bad, really filling though. (2.8/5)

Slow Cooked Lamb Sandwich, RM22.90: Slow Cooked Lamb, Arugula, Cucumber, Onion, and Mint Yogurt. 

That's pretty much it for the first part of our girls morning out. After eating we went to H&M while Emmy had to go to work :(. Part 2, H&M, didn't take any pictures cause not allowed to. It was a very fun morning and can't wait for our next outing. :) 

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