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Herbs and Spices.... I like. Even when I cook at home I often add spices and herbs in my food. I love Black Pepper, Oregano, Mixed Herbs, and Rosemary. Well so far these are the herbs and spices i've tried. :)
My love for herbs and spices has made me look forward to trying this restaurant out. 

Some of us ordered the same thing, so not many food varieties here, but will probably go back here again and try more dishes! :)

Nasi Goreng Sri Petaling - RM12.90. It contains fried rice with shrimp, chicken, anchovies, and is served with egg and satay. I kinda like this dish because I find it pretty filling with the egg and satay. The rice tastes a little different and unique because of the herbs and spices. The satay looked kinda hard when I first saw it, but it's actually not too bad and taste pretty decent too. (3/5) 

Nasi Goreng Thai Style - RM9.00. Fried rice with shrimps, chicken, lemon grass, shallots, chilli padi, Thai Sambal paste, herbs, kaffir leaves, served with salad and crackers. If you are craving for something spicy and rice then maybe you can give this a try. I did not try this but personally I would only eat the fried rice and crackers, ignoring the salad. :p My friend who ate this rated this (4/5).

Chinese Mutton Soup, (Price N/A). My fault for not getting the details for this dish, was too hungry at that time. :( But mu friend who had this rated it (4/5). :) I guess this is perfect for those of you craving for soup, or on a diet perhaps? Those of you trying to avoid carbs... yeah. :)

Peach Melba, RM8.00. Peaches served with vanilla ice-cream, strawberry melba sauce topped with peanuts. It is a pretty okay dessert, wouldn't say it's amazing but decent. Rated (3.8/5)

Pictures with friends:

With Isabel, she's always so adorable and brightens up the room.:)

With James, forgot to change camera settings, picture turned out so yellow. :( But oh wells. 

Bel with Brian

Brian and Simon

Over all this is a pretty nice and decent restaurant and I kinda like it. Would definitely come back here to try their Western dishes... can't wait! :)

Service: 3/5
Food: 3.8/5
Atmosphere: 3/5 
Revisit: Yes

Restaurant Herbs & Spices KL
51, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9057 5592
Facebook: fb.com/Restaurant.HerbsSpices.KL

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