Jon turns 24 at Castell!

11:54 PM

26 October 2012

I attended a friend's birthday celebration (Jonathan) on the date shown at Castell Restaurant & Bar, that was located at Section 16, Petaling Jaya. Jennifer his girlfriend made the celebration a surprise by getting us to reach at the restaurant by 7.30pm. Typical Malaysian timing, not everybody would be punctual.

James and I reached around 7.45pm plus and at that time only Jimmy (another friend) was there. There were two other friends that came later but thank God they reached before Jennifer and Jonathan arrived. The moment Jon entered the restaurant, it seemed like this surprise was expected, or he just somehow knew it was surprise. I didn't ask him anything about that but looking at the facial expression you kinda know. 

Girls will always be girls, once all the ladies have arrived the first thing we did was take picture. :p

Susan and Jennifer

The dudes.

Not only did the birthday dude look good that night, his girlfriend looked stunning herself. James and I did not eat because we were on a tight budget, but i did manage to take a decent picture of a food. I did not want to do a Food Review at my friend's birthday as I felt it was a little inappropriate, instead I put my focus on hanging out and just taking pictures with my friends. :)

Before we get into the food picture, which is not much really, please let me share this with you:

 I was a good girl that night, so I didn't have any wine, he he. Instead I had English Breakfast Tea!
English Breakfast Tea was super cheap! About RM5.90 if i remember correctly, and it's free refill! Obviously right if not it's a total rip off. Hehe.

Apple crumble, RM12.90, kinda sucks. It's not that it doesn't taste good, but with the price you pay you can definitely get a better one. If you crave for dessert you should eat elsewhere or order something else. :)

I'm not sure what this is, but they have chicken and LAMB! I heart lamb... this one was pretty good according to friends. 

Someone ordered oysters, I think it was the birthday dude. But anyways I've had them before and I'm pretty okay with them, usually it doesn't taste too fishy or anything. However this one, maybe it was just that night, but this one tasted REALLY FISHY! I didn't like it. :(

We managed to persuade Jennifer to eat her oyster, it was a funny moment. She did not look this happy eating oyster in real life. lol. 

After dinner it was time for cake! You know what's the interesting part of this? When the waiters brought the cake (like how in most restaurants), a happy birthday song played through the speakers!!! We were all surprised and yes we laughed. 

Birthday dude with the girls, and the guys (down)

Can't remember the name of this cake, but the cake is REALLY good, like really really good! It's custom baked though, if you're interested please leave a comment below and I'll ask my friend for the contact and location and stuff. :)

So that's pretty much it, though this blog post may seem short, but we actually spent quite some time catching up, chatting, taking pictures, and having a relaxing fun. :)

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  1. LOL!

    I know Susan & Hwa Xiong!

    My seniors from the One! Got married to each other & working in the same company! LOL

  2. Is that a carrot cake?? Looks like, arghh~ Im craving for cakes and you show me this!! ='[

    Btw, Happy Belated Birthday to your friend.

    1. Hahahah so cute la you... and btw the cake is REALLY GOOD!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha save money! and if i pay RM30 I can get 1 bottle if i buy my own bottle... :p

  4. you look so pretty , darling~! wah.. all your friends also very good looking~! ;P intro intro! LOL

    1. u already got so many guys going after... no need la.. pity those guys going after you :P

  5. Hi! I am interested in ordering the customized cake and the birthday dinner would be at Castell Restaurant too..could they deliver the cake as it would be a surprise dinner for my boyfrined on the 30th of March?

    I can be contacted on

    Thank you.


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