My first time to Marini's at KLCC

5:08 AM

About a while back ago somewhere in October, my friend Isabel and her friend Natalie wanted to go check Marini's out and she invited us to join them. On the way there I felt pretty excited as I've seen blog reviews about this place, and also the interior and atmosphere looked pretty nice in pictures.

When we arrived at the ground floor where the picture above shows, they checked all of our IC. I was quite surprised that they had to check our IC because I thought this place is a bar? So we went inside the lift and went up to 57th floor. It was my first time standing in the lift with a bunch of other people for so long. My ears got blocked half way going up. :p 

The place is really nice and grand/modern looking, even on the outside. However there was one thing that kind of annoyed me. The moment we reached, there were bodyguards standing by the door and they checked some of our ICs again. I was really annoyed by that because I had to take out my purse to show them my IC in which I felt was a hassle. 

They've already checked downstairs I don't understand why they had to check again. Another thing I was confused about was why are they checking ICs in the first place? Isn't this a bar? Even if they are strict with their above 18 rules I'm pretty sure all of us could pass 18 years old. 

Moving on... :) I thought this place reminded me of Gossip Girl. You know how their upper east side parties aren't like our clubbing kind parties but much more upper class? That's what I felt about this place. 

Look you can see KLCC from here! I mean the building... lol

Drinks on the other hand was a little expensive for me. :( I guess it's only worth it when you go during happy hour. The Asahi was about RM25+ for 1/2 pint, Mojitto (not sure how to spell) tasted nice, sweet-ish but cant really taste alcohol, Kronenbourg was around the same price as Asahi, RM25+ for half pint. The green drink on the right, i'm not really sure of the name, but cocktails there are more than RM30, probably about RM35 to RM38 if I remembered correctly. If you ask me, I would not recommend you to order that because it taste funny to me. 

My Martini Dry, RM30+ sorry forgot. :( Let me share with your my Martini story at Marini's:
I ordered Martini Dry, the waiter wrote it down and left. Few minutes later he came back and asked me what mixer did I want. I literally went ?????. I'm sorry but if you want to work in a place like this it is important to know basics. Anyways so i told him nicely, no need. 

When my Martini arrived, there weren't any olives!! Martini Dry always comes with olives! I was really annoyed because I felt like, hey I'm paying more than usual for drinks that I can find cheaper elsewhere, basic knowledge of alcohol is necessary. James then called a waitress and she helped me add olives. :D

When my drink arrived I was pretty happy cause I was thirsty. When I took my first sip my smile turned to a frown. My Martini Dry tasted like olives in water, diluted, and I could barely taste any Vodka. Sigh. 

It was a bad first time experience, but since we were already there we tried making the most out of it. Isabel or Simon suggested we play truth or dare using an app in Iphone. 

James' dare was really funny, he had to tell the waiter something about he wants to go toilet to do something LOL sorry I forgot. Haha! But the waiter was really blur and didn't get what James was trying to say, so he just showed James where's the washroom. 

Natalie was dared to ask the DJ for song request. Unfortunately they are really strict, the manager is actually present and keeping an eye on him, he is not allowed to play any other songs. :(

I was dared to pretend there's a toilet paper stuck in my pants, and had to walk around and wait for someone to tell me that, and act embarrassed and surprised. Haha I couldn't do that, for all you know people might not even tell me about it and just laugh at me! So James did it instead. You may watch a short video for my part, Isabel recorded. Please watch in 480p. 

Rest of the pictures:

Isabel and Regina

A bad picture of us cause of the camera flash that is not adjustable. :(


Natalie. :) 

All 4 of us cam whoring in the backseat. Lol.

So overall this place by far I do not like. Not for the night anyways. Not only were the drinks expensive, it was also packed, and the waiters don't know the basic knowledge of alcoholic drinks lol. Furthermore their drinks are diluted: Mojitto - barely tasted alcohol, Martini Dry - diluted, barely tasted any alcohol too.

I might consider coming by during happy hour though, but the chances are low. 

Service: 2.5/5
Drinks: 1/5
Interior: 3.8/5

If you wish to visit this place anyway, here are the details. :)

Marini's On 57
Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,
03 - 2161 2880 or
03 - 2161 4880

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  1. so fun!!!next time tag me along..i am above 18 d..;P

  2. It was there last month..
    it was the launch of Jaeger-LeCoultre
    my boss personally know the chef and the food was pretty good..

    1. I've yet tried their food... was thinking of going back there for the food. but drinks at night i really feel it's not worth it unless happy hour.


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