The Pinnacle of H-Artistry Brings 2012 to a Resounding Conclusion

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Since my previous blog post of the H-Artistry, I was already excited about the finale of H-Artistry for the year of 2012. I was looking forward to meeting my friends, taking lots of pictures, drinking, and most importantly dancing to Havana Brown. If you're wondering who's Havana Brown? Do you remember the song "We Run the Night" featuring Pit Bull? Yeap it's that song! I didn't know it was her too before my earlier blog post on Hennessy. 

The Pinnacle of H-Artistry Finale of 2012 took place on November 3rd, 2012, at the Malaysia Internation Exhibition and Convention Centre. Same as the previous event, their signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks were served! (Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, and Hennessy Soda). This time I managed to try Hennessy Ginger for the first time, and I kinda like it. :) 

There were more than 4,000 revelers party to a phenomenal mix of sights, sound and taste at the Pinnacle of The Global Art of Mixing Trilogy

The event started with a warm up session of the Hennessy V.S.O.P along with the 360 Cam, scanning QR codes, mingling, and lots of photo taking. Thanks to the My Hennessy App, we were able to check in to H-Artistry, and that contributes to the party demographics displayed on the Social Graph throughout the night. 

As we entered after registration towards the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone, the first thing I noticed were Electro Junkies, whose Electro House lashings worked the crowd to prepare themselves for an awesome night. 

with James
Pictures I managed to take before entering into the party arena.
with Karmun

When my friends (Jon, Stephanie, and Xing) James and I arrived, we did not wait long till the entrance opened and the crowd immediately shifted into the party arena at 10pm. We walked in happily and all excited ready to drink and party! Unfortunately we had to part with Jon, Steph and Xing cause we were in different Zones. :(

The moment we entered, James and I searched for Zone O. The place was pretty huge and had to walk almost one round to reach Zone O. The moment I walked up the mini stairs to Zone O I immediately saw my friends! One of the first person I saw there was Isaac Tan, did not manage to take a picture with him cause he went missing afterwards.
The gorgeous hostesses for the night were Julie Woon and Sarah Lian. The party started with a dance performance that I thought was pretty good.

The first guest performance of the night was Block B bringing their K-Pop music to the crowd. Personally, I felt that it was the wrong choice of music. I had no idea how to dance to their songs, maybe that's why they performed first to warm up the crowd before the party music starts. 

But I give them credit for one thing though, they moved around the stage instead of just facing the front. Zone O was facing the back of the stage :(. Block B were good because they noticed that there are other crowds at other sides too and not only the front. 

The night continued with Alexandra Burke! Man she can really dance! The way she sways so sexily caught my attention. Sadly her music isn't my cup of tea as I had no feel to dance to her songs. But regardless of that, she's gorgeous and I love the way she moves. 

Also Zone O was quite packed till I could not walk over to the other side to see my friends, that part was a little disappointing because the previous Hennessy was so spacious. :( I had to walk all the way to the other side of the bar to get my Hennessy Ginger, and squeeze through the crowd to get back to my table. I hope the next Hennessy they would make Zone O bigger. 

The person that i've been waiting for since many nights before the event, Havana Brown! She's just gorgeous, love her songs, love her mix, love her. Havana Brown’s DJ deck theatrically rose from the middle of the stage, and a flurry of musical euphoria ensued. 

I don't know whether it was the alcohol, but when her songs played shit I was all crazy and dancing my night, specially with Karmun... lol. In between we had to go to the bathroom, I had to wait to make sure the next song wasn't 'we run the night' cause I sure don't want to miss that!  When "we run the night" played, Karmun and I went all crazy! After that night, Karmun got addicted to that song too. Lol.


So during Havana Brown, I was already quite tipsy so I didn't even notice that Starkillers came out! Terrible me. But I did managed to stay alert and saw EvoL. I had no idea who they were at first because in my previous blog post they weren't in the list of the celebrities that are going to perform at Hennessy. That's because EvoL were the surprise guest performers!

More pictures of the Night:

Don and Aris looking extra sexy here. 

Yukiko and Ah Bok

So this picture actually has a short story. It started with just the three of them, Jason, Aris, and Karmun. I saw them taking pictures, I quickly went under the camera too! After me, James joined us. This is how the picture was taken. 

Kah Mon's friend, Kah Mon, James, Serge, Simon, and Charmaine. 

Henry Lee, my favourite photographer. Because most of the pictures he takes of me made me look slim. 

with Aris

with Simon

H-Artistry made sure we had lots of fun but at the same time getting home safe by displaying H-Artistry’s “Party Hard, Party Smart” tips; while information on the H-Artistry Party Shuttles and the H-Artistry Party Taxis were looped on the LCD displays throughout the event venue. 

Events personnel were also on call to assist party goers in booking their rides home at the four taxi concierges set up at the event venue, and everyone who booked a round trip to H-Artistry enjoyed an RM20 rebate on their return fare, courtesy of H-Artistry. 

This H-Artistry at MIECC was a fun night and also a night of suspense I feel. Because it has made me look forward to H-Artistry 2013! However the event ended a lot earlier than expected, and that was disappointing. But even so, I'm glad that I attended the finale! :D

H-Artistry events are by invite only, and are open to non-Muslims aged above 18. Visit their page and keep it locked because you will want to be updated with the future H-Artistry Events in 2013. 

Pictures credit to:, Hennessy Artistry,, Jason Ong,, Stephanie Chua,,

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