Winner of Silky Girl's Sweet Temptation Giveaway!

4:35 PM

Thank you all for participating in this giveaway. It was a very DIFFICULT decision for me to choose the winner because all of the comments are so good! Seriously it was really difficult for me. :(

But after reading the comments over and over again, I've decided to go with this person:

"I want to win Bold Becky because i think that this scent is the most interesting of them all,and i believe that it will boost my confidence with this scent. And i'm ready to be in the spotlight with Bold Becky with her elegant traces of floral notes with a dash of vanilla, peach and raspberries."

Yes the winner is Nicole Yee! 

Nicole please e-mail me your name, address, and hp number to

Thank you all for joining this giveaway, and no worries there'll be more giveaways coming. :) 

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  1. I will be waiting for more giveaways, checkout my blog at
    feel free to leave a comment

  2. Thanks for the stuffs,i received it,hehe,i got nothing to do so i leave a comment here even if you already now this lols :P


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