Alexander Shorokhoff 20th Anniversary Media Event

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December 13, 2012. It was an honour to be invited to the 20th Anniversary of Alexander Shorokhoff and to be able to meet Alexander Shorokhoff himself at Alexander Shorokhoff 20th Anniversary Media Event on this date. James and I were there really early, around 2.30pm (event stars at 3.00pm) because we had a press conference somewhere nearby in KL as well. Being the earliest, James and I took advantage of that by taking all the pictures we need.:p

The staffs there were really polite and helpful, as they explained about the watches and showed us close up in details of the watches. I would love to tell you the names of the watches, but unfortunately even the catalog is not able to tell me the names. But they are really beautiful watches indeed. 

Alexander Shorokoff is passionate in bringing his creations to life. It has been almost 20 years now since this engineer got chosen by Michail Gorbatchov himself, among a group of talented Russians to study the free market inklings of Frankfurt and industrial Germany. 

Alexander who flew all the way from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur to be present at his 20th Anniversary exhibition. During the media event at Sassorosso, Alexander himself humbly greeted watch enthusiast and members of the media himself by shaking hands and elaborating the complexity of his timepieces to guests who were glancing at the Avant Garde and Heritage Collection at close carters, in which is rare to see among successful business men these days. 

As the press conference begins with an opening by emcee Xavier Mah, followed by Soemantri Kusumadi, the executive director of Red Army Watches Malaysia, as he gave a brief introduction of the founder. A teaser video of the brand's inception was shown, recapping the brand's heritage and also shared some insights of its craftsmanship, innovations and design processes. In brief, the video compiled how a young-upstart watch company became the envy of its peers. 
As the sole retailer carrying Shorokhoff's creations, Red Army Watches are carving out a niche in the industry that offers fans and enthusiasts a wider variety to select from. 

"Alexander has been extremely supportive of Red Army Watches and we look forward to a continued collaboration that has been mutually rewarding. We look forward to each and every new release from this brilliant watchmaker." said Kusumadi

Alexander with his cute and supportive wife. :)
At the event, Alexander mentioned that he is a man who needs to work most of the time, in other words can somewhat say a workaholic. He also did say that his beloved wife would tell him to stop and take a rest at times, but he's often determined to work. Regardless, Alexander is still a very loving husband based on how he was with his wife at the exhibition. 

Alexander also jokingly added, "I'm only riding on the coattails of these legendary Russians, It's a tribute to my Russian roots even as we're since moved our manufacturing and design teams to Germany. Nevertheless, each piece is still handcrafted by German mater craftsmen of the highest regard. (...) A watch has to speak to its wearer, it's our companion and we want something that we can be proud of. Therefore I take a great pride in the quality and consistency of our timepieces, they are key elements to our success."

L-R: Mr. Sugiharto Kusumadi (Managing Director of RAW Singapore), Ms. Julianna Chai (Managing Director of RAW Malaysia), Mr. Soemantri Kusumadi (Executive Director of RAW Malaysia)

After the speech and interview were done, a gift of appreciation was given to Alexander Shorokhoff by Red Army Watches, as well as group photos and other photo opportunities for the media. 

The media event ended with a lucky draw with a generous gift of an Alexander Shorokhoff Avant Garde that worths RM4404!!! The lucky man who won the lucky draw of that day.

After the lucky draw, some of the media left, while a few of us bloggers stayed a while and took some pictures with Alexander Shorokoff himself as well as with Mr. Soemantri Kusumadi and Ms. Julianna Chai. And also of course with each other! :)

Charmaine, Alexander and I


I got this dress from! :)

Henry Lee, Charmaine, James

I think in this picture I was tip toeing! Because she was wearing wedges and I was wearing flats, felt super short! :p 

If you are wondering how much are the watches? I can tell you that different watches have different price. As mentioned above, the Avant Garde is RM4404, but during the exhibition, one of the staffs told me some of them are RM90,000 and there are some RM40,000. So best is to visit Red Army Watches to find out. :)

For more information, head to Red Army Watches Facebook page here:

For more pictures of this event, please visit HERE

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