An Active Day Out at the Bird Park. :)

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NOTE: This is a very long blog post due to many pictures of birds. 

About a few months ago, one of James' good friend and her husband came back to Malaysia for a visit. James and I decided to take both of them around... well actually more like taking Jay (husband) around since Ee Laine (friend) is Malaysian. So where are the places in Malaysia that foreigners should visit?

At first we had no idea where to take them because they've been to quite a few places already and malls are definitely out of the list, and randomly I can't remember how, but we ended up going to the KL bird park. 

That's us! Our picture before we enter into the birds' world and get all sweaty and not so nice looking. :p 

They really know how to rob us, but then again the bird park is HUGE. Thank God Malaysians are given discount, RM25, but felt bad for Jay though. :/

Ee Laine and Jay

James and I

James and Ee Laine

This would be the first bird I saw and took a picture of while entering into the birdies'world. Such a pretty Aqua coloured birdie.

This yellow chain was right before the main entrance and the first thing that came to my mind was Britney Spears in her "Oops I did it Again" album. 
I've no idea what I was posing as for the left picture, but at the right I was imitating Britney Spears, which FAILED! Haha!

There are a few of those mini kiosk where you can buy bird food! I think 50 cents or RM1 for an egg, or was it RM2? Lol sorry don't remember. :p

James feeding the birdie, look at how white and beautiful it is! And kinda cute too seeing it wants the food but at the same time afraid of James.

James feeding a mini.... I honestly don't know what this is, but it's so cute!

It was my turn to feed! Honestly I was really afraid that it'll bite my skin or something. Hence my face. 

Really nice and cooling water fall fountain. Because this is Malaysia, walking around outdoor like this is similar to sitting in a sauna room. The waterfall fountain was like an aircond for a moment. :)

Can you imagine that greedy peacock who is arrogant at the same time kept following James. It was really cute!

James feeds him again, tsk tsk he spoiled the peacock lol.

I think this is the awkward moment when two people's eyes meet and they fall in love. Yeap... it must be. 

James' generosity attracted the rest of the other birdies on the way.

This is an ostrich, it is a very smelly birdie. 

It is also very dumb. Lol no offense ostrich but really can't help it. James tried feeding it the bird food. He just held it in his finger tips in front of the ostrich, the fella kept pecking at the fence non stop. We could literally stand there and watch it do that all day. When James finally threw the food in, we expected it to bend down and eat, but instead it ate its own poop! Then James threw another one, right in front of its eyes but it still did not see it. Hahahah it's kinda cute in some way but it's only fun for a while. :p

While walking half way we spotted a Salmon coloured bird out of nowhere. It was all alone. James tried feeding it but it was really afraid, so he just threw the food down and it ate it. Looked so pitiful. :(

Duckies! Spotted! 3 Ugly ducklings. LOL. They are still cute though. 

Fishes! All of them rushing for food. 

Another random out of nowhere pretty looking birdie!

Flamingos! They are so beautiful.

I love this picture. I love the way they are seated or probably posing (who knows?). I love the effect of its' white feathers reflecting the sun light. So beautiful :)

Hey look! It's Harry Potter!

Waterfall! Like I've mentioned somewhere above, it was a really hot day. I mean it's Malaysia, if it was Australia's weather it would've been awesome.


After sitting and chilling for a bit we continued our walk and came across their mini museum where they have chicks and some other stuff.

You have no idea how happy we were when we found this. <3<3<3. 

This is real by the way. 

Look at how HUGE that feather is.

Anyways that's about it! Thanks for reading this long and many pictures blog post, hope you enjoyed the pictures. :) To conclude, for Malaysians, RM25 for bird park is not too bad, and it is a really really big park. I was so exhausted and hot after the long long walk. Kinda worth it in a way. :)

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