Christmas Shopping 2012

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This year I decided to take you guys christmas shopping with me! Unfortunately, you can't really take pictures in malls or shops, so I had to look at my surroundings and made sure no one sees me taking pictures! Truth to be told it was really really difficult because as you know in most of the shops the sales person would often follow you around. :(

Anyways I went to Sunway Pyramid just for Payless! Yes SHOES!!! You'll see it when I open my christmas present. :p I needed more shoes for I decided I wanted shoes for Christmas from Koala. :p I totally forgotten to take pictures when I was looking for shoes damn me. But oh wells... 

Karmun was sweet enough to accompany me Christmas shopping while she did not get anything for herself other than food. She's somewhat quite proud of herself for not shopping that day. I'm proud of her too! She's such a shopaholic!

Because both of us woke up late and have not eaten any breakfast, after buying my shoes we went for SUSHI! I love Sushi because they are quite healthy and low in fat! And I love my Salmon <3.

Salmon Sashimi... mmm... okay it doesn't look as appetizing here but regardless of how it looks, it tasted good to me. :) My first bite felt like heaven. Mmmm.....

This is one of my favourite sushi. I forgotten the name but since the first time I had this I just fell in love with it! So far I noticed only Sakae Sushi has this type of Salmon sushi. Really love this. 

If you noticed how weird this sushi looked, it's because at first two of the retarded looking sushi only had half of the salmon. It was ridiculous! So I nicely told the waiter about this and their chef just layered two extra sashimi on top. Weird.

Some of the orders did take a while to reach, so this is Karmun's waiting face. Lol look at her hands! They are so tiny and cute! 

After our brunch, we realized that there's no where else we wanted to go in Sunway Pyramid, so we left and went to Paradigm Mall for H&M and Sephora. Unfortunately the first stop when we arrived was the ladies washroom.
Saw this cool picture frame at the mirror. 

Taking pictures in shops and malls wasn't as easy as I expected, I think the sales assistant somewhat knew I were taking pictures, haha! :p But anyways look at the pretty colours! Oh dear I can't remember the name of this shop, not MAC for sure. Sorry. :(

H&M! So Karmun saw this really nice leather jacket for about RM140 I think? She was so tempted to buy, but the material is kinda cheap feeling for me, the kind of PVC leather that'll tear easily, my opinion. So she didn't buy in the end.

I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to buy anything from H&M because Christmas was around the corner and i'm kinda broke. But even so I just wanted to try on some clothes for the fun of it, take some pictures, and maybe if you like what you see you can head over to H&M and get them for yourself. :)

I don't know why but this dress reminds me so much of Serena Vanderwoodsen from Gossip Girl. I've seen Serena wear something similar to this before. 

The next dress I tried. Both of the dresses has pretty nice material that I feel is pretty okay for the cost. At this very moment, I wished I was rich.

I also like how it has double layer to prevent see through.

After that we went to Sephora. When we both reached Sephora, I immediately walked towards Urban Decay. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay because i've seen make up gurus review and use this brand on YouTube. I really wanted the Naked Palette 2 but unfortunately money does not grow on trees. 

I really wouldn't mind this palette from Stila, but they are pretty pricey too. Gosh why are make up so expensive nowadays? There were so many pretty colours in Sephora including Sephora's own cosmetic products, but the security there was kinda eye-ing on me so I couldn't really take many pictures. Haha I guess I gave him the suspicious look, really need to work on my acting. 

Christmas Shopping Part 2

About a day or two later I went shopping again for presents for family. One full day of shopping is seriously not enough. Since my cousin from Australia is back for Christmas, I decided to bring him along with my sister and I to Mid Valley so all three of us could do some Christmas shopping!

But first, we need food.
Love Carl's Junior, compared to Burger King I think Carl's way more worth it. 

After our late lunch we went walking around wondrously not knowing where to go. So happened we saw this store from Japan, I can't remember the name I think it's Mizzu? Or Midori? Omg! All I know is it starts with 'M'. They have stuff like clothes, household items, and stuff.


They've got a lot of toiletry products, and I saw the kind of make up storage I wanted but they are so expensive! I wanted these brushes too but the biggest brush is RM120! :( 

I really like this kind of make up storage but they are SO EXPENSIVE not only in this store but even online and make up shops. Sometimes I wonder why are they so expensive when they are made from plastic?

Due to the fact that we are students and not earning yet, we decided to go for the cheaper alternative, another store from Japan called Daiso. I don't have to introduce Daiso to you all because I am pretty sure most of you know how awesomely cheap they are, RM5 for everything!

You know I used to wonder why do they sell this kind of stuff here, Malaysia is so hot! Probably for people who plan to travel to cold countries, but yeahhhh....

Wine glasses! Was looking for shot glasses but couldn't find any.

Although Daiso is RM5 store wide, we still did not managed to shop for everyone. Daiso is huge but they are more for household items, and a lil bit of beauty products which I do not dare to try either.

We went walking around hoping to see something we can get our family members, went to a few shops, and yes we did managed to get some. :)

Since my house toilet was under renovation, my house lacked of food. So we did a bit of shopping although it ended up to be only these few items!

Okay we bought a few more stuff and some WINE! But I forgot to take picture of them because I was dead tired from all the walking and rushing. 

Since we were so hard working shopping and walking so much, it was time for a treat! Chatime! I haven't had them for a while.

I got the Hazelnut Chocolate something LOL! All thanks to my Koala for recommending this to me. Well he didn't exactly recommend, more like he bought for himself and I took few sips from him. :p

That was my Christmas shopping for the year of 2012. Exactly today my family and I did some last minute shopping too. With it called last minute, I sure did not have time to snap photos so sorry about that. Though based from the pictures above, my shopping seemed kinda boring because there aren't many pictures of the stuff I bought, but I hope you still somewhat enjoyed this blog post. I obviously can not show you the stuff I bought for my family cause then they'll know too! So I thank you again for taking your precious time in reading this blog post, till next time! :)

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  1. I think the sushi that you like is called mentaiko something. LOL. I love it too!! :D ah - shopping. I need to get a new bag! Hahahaha..

    H & M - so many lovely clothes but too broke to buy any. Blame it on the joy of buying Christmas presents for my family and relatives! And the boyfy ;)

    1. haha we both have good taste in sushi! LOL yeahhh! I wish i could shop till i drop... lol

  2. I love love love sushi and salmon too :D The jap store in Midvalley was Muji hehehe and yes how I wish we have endless cash so we can shop whenever and wherever we want T__T

  3. Sushi is the best!!!! Anyway, your Christmas seems interesting and Merry Christmas to you! =)

    1. Thanks you too! Haha nola my christmas was kinda simple... but we just tried making it fun. :)

  4. Woah Christmas shopping!!
    I had to control myself too ;( Super duper broke!

  5. OMG when your cousin smile, she looks so much like you!!! XD
    Happy shopping yea... I wish I'm rich too. *sigh* SO tempted to buy everything.


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