L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum Review

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Hey ladies,

To some of you it might seem like it has been a while since my last blog post update. To be exact, it has been about 7 days since my last blog post! I've been craving to update my blog but due to my Thesis, I did not have the time. As of today, 3rd December 2012 I've officially submitted my Thesis! Yay... I'm really excited as I get to update my many pending blog posts now. :) 

Enough blabbering from me, it is time to show you my review on the L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum all thanks to Onlybeauty.com.my

If you're wondering what is OnlyBeauty? OnlyBeauty is by far Malaysia's best sampling website that gives beauty products samples for FREE. All you need to do is register with them, and watch out on their daily offers. For further info, please visit www.onlybeauty.com.my / www.facebook.com/OnlyBeautyMalaysia

L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum's purpose is intensive boost for a renewed lash look. This product is a concentrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of Keratin and Madecassoside for an intensive boost. According to the packaging, it states that our lashes would seemed nourished and stronger, somewhat like re-activated lashes.

How to apply?
1. Start with applying at our baby hair at the top
2. Next apply underneath the lashes like the second picture on the left
3. Third, apply some at lower lash
4. Use this product twice a day, morning and night on clean lashes. 

Bare Lashes
The two pictures on the left are my bare lashes, while the picture on the right is a pic of me after applying the serum.

I used this product for about two weeks, I could have blogged about this earlier, but because of my Thesis I had more time to really try this product properly. 

I just took this picture TODAY like right before this blog post and check out my results! These are bare lashes, I did not apply the serum or any mascara. Can you see the difference? The hair layer of my lashes are thicker and slightly longer. 

I'm really happy with this product and am very satisfied. About few days before near the end of November, I already noticed results, but the results I saw then was just my baby hair growing longer. But all thanks to my Thesis (well indirectly), I had more time to test this product and now I noticed the hair layer of my lashes are thicker and slightly longer! I honestly did not expect it to work this quick, I expected to only notice results after a few months of usage. Not only that, whenever I remove my mascara, my lashes did not fall out! Well not exactly NEVER but only 1 or 2 lashes most. Before this whenever I remove my mascara, about 3 to 4 lashes drop. :(

All thanks to OnlyBeauty.com.my my lashes are not thin and little anymore! :) 

Quality: 3.8/5
Price: RM49.90 (At Parksons, may check at other pharmacies)
Satisfaction: 4/5
Repurchase: One tube of this is alot for me, may not even need to repurchase. :)
Recommendation: 3.8/5

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