My Christmas 2012!

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Merry Christmas 2012 everybody! How was your Christmas?  What did you do? Do share your Christmas celebration with me in the comments below because I would love to know! :)

This year we decided to go easy on Christmas, easy such as non-expensive presents that we NEED instead of WANT, dinner at restaurants instead of at home, (usually we eat in) but this time we got pretty lazy to cook and clean so just decided to eat out instead. I've got to say though, the feeling of eating out does not feel homey or Christmas-ish. :/

I kinda expected Christmas this year to a little dull because everything seemed to be quite "cincai" and also cause we celebrated on the eve. But regardless I wanted to have a good Christmas, and sometimes it is up to the people to make the function or occasion interesting! With that, I decided to curl my hair! HAHA... and just put on some make-up. 

And also change my parting. LOL

We went to Sam You at Petaling Jaya for dinner. The food there is pretty average, sometimes the food would taste really good and sometimes it'll just taste average, weird right? Price wise is pretty reasonable according to my mum. This restaurant is located near Assunta Hospital, near Shell petrol station that side. It is located same row as Watsons, somewhat opposite KFC.

My family from Australia. (L-R: Uncle Paul, Aunt Rose, Natalie (cousin's GF), Daniel, and Timothy)

Everyone please meet my adorable and super cute niece, Sarah Teh. Well to be exact she's my cousin's daughter. Haha. Normally I don't really find toddlers cute and often preferred animals like dogs and cats, but she's an exception. I guess it is her personality that I find adorable, she's not shy, daring, friendly, but can be a little naughty. :) I miss you already Sarah! I shall kidnap you one day. :p 

The whole time during dinner, before the food came she kept feeding tidbits to her dad. She would take the tidbits and dip it into soy sauce and then feeds her dad, so adorable and sweet! Her dad would just eat whenever she feeds him... awwww....  <3. Oh yes this is my cousin, looking at him makes me feel old... :( I can't believe I'm an aunt already, no no no I'll make sure she calls me "che che" (big sister) instead of aunt. :p #indenial

About half way eating dinner, my other cousins were at our house waiting for us, they did not join us for dinner because they wanted to attend the evening mass of Christmas eve. So after dinner my mum asked me to rush home so that they can wait in my house. Kinda pity them, they sat outside and waited for one hour! My sister decided to follow me, the moment we got into the car I told her to take a quick camwhore shot just for fun. :p

Once everyone has arrived at my place, they all settled down and got comfortable. I rinsed the wine glasses and opened a bottle of wine that my cousin brought. It is really rare to find someone who enjoys drinking wine like I do, in the family so far only my cousin David (Sarah's father) and my uncle Paul from Australia. 

The focus of that night was on Sarah, not a bad thing at all. In fact I think she brighten up all of our mood by just being herself. Lots of Love to Sarah Teh. <3

I did not know I've got another cousin from Australia. Haha! This is my brother trying to be mama and papa's boy. PS: He's single and available (i think) :p. 

Me and Koala

The celebrity of the night! She's holding my koala bear! Haha... so adorable

The night continued with us singing Christmas carols. Somehow this year it feels like the singing has gotten so much better and livelier. David has been good with music since young, good with his guitar, singing, etc and looks like his daughter has the same interest as his. :) She immediately played with the piano as soon as her dad started singing, oh my piano isn't working btw. Haha.

After the carols it was time for presents. It has been a tradition for my family where the head of the family would sit by the Christmas tree and read out the names on the presents, and those whose names are called would have to walk towards the head and sometimes would bow just to have fun. It used to be my grandmother who would do all this, but since her pass, my mum took over. But this year we had a little messenger! :) 

She looks like little red riding hood LOL.

My bro in Santa hat. Have I mentioned he's single? :p 

It was time for little Sarah hood to open her presents. She loves angry birds! Look at her face when she saw that angry bird. 

The beach cowbow hat I got for my cousin. Doesn't he look handsome here? :p Yes cause of that hat. Haha

The night ended pretty early, around 12am because some of us had to go for Christmas mass the next morning. It felt like this year Christmas was kinda short because instead of having dinner and chit chatting in the house, we ate out. I guess we spent most of our time together during dinner, but the table was so big, kinda difficult to communicate with everyone. :/ (My sister and Timothy)

Koala adjusting the tie nicely for Timothy so that he would look more handsome and charming. LOL

The last picture of us with Sarah before she goes back home. David, Hannah, and Sarah left the following day after lunch. I felt so sad when she left, and I miss her already! :( She has her pacifier in her mouth, ready to sleep. 

Once they left, my sister, Koala and I went into my room and opened our presents together. We did this last year, so I guess is starting to become a tradition to open presents together every year? :p And oh yes this year we decided to do DIY wrapping papers, well mostly my sister but I did help whenever I felt creative :p.

My presents: Pink and Yellow nail polish from Tim, photo frame and lavender from aunt Rose and uncle Paul, shoes from Koala, Gold and Cracked Nail polish from aunt Linna and uncle Edmund, earrings from David, Hannah, and Sarah, Lavender Scented Candle from Ah Kim, and Shampoo from mum. :)
There were other presents too but I did not take a picture because I only opened the presents a little later. 

Most girls are vain, including me :p. Trying on my new shoes. :)

That's it! I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! Do share with me what you did for Christmas because I would love to know! :)

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