Not-so-creative ME Able to Paint with the S-Pen.

5:01 PM

I'm sure many of you heard a lot about the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2, because most of my friends have been talking about it, even I want one for myself! Recently I found this interesting contest by SAMSUNG in relation to the Note 2. 

When I saw this, I thought hey... looks like fun! And I get to win some cool prizes so why not give it a try?  I've got nothing to lose anyway! The first problem that I encountered was I did not know who to choose out of the four! But later on I realize that each of them are giving different types of prizes so that helped me in my decision making. Can you guess which out of the four I chose?

I went with Sharifah Amani! It was very challenging (for me because I suck in drawing) and fun at the same time as the S-Pen made is easier for me. Of course the first time would seem a little bit difficult, but I practiced about two times and now painting via the S-Pen for the contest has gotten so much easier! :)

My submitted painting! Okay I still stuck at it, but practice makes perfect right? Thank God this contest is unlimited for submission! By the way that's a CARAMEL POP CORN if you're wondering what's that weird colour on the pop corn. :p

Interesting prizes! Maybe I should submit an entry under each of them! Now my hands itch for a Note 2. :)

If you are interested, just head on to This contest is so easy and fun!

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