Schwarzkopf Berry Ash Fresh Light Foam Colour (Bubble Hair Dye) Review

3:19 AM

Hello ladies! Christmas has just passed, but i've been so busy with preparing for Christmas, especially shopping, searching, and wrapping the presents that I did not have time to review this BEFORE Christmas. I had outgrown hair because I've not dyed my hair for about a few months now, you can actually see black at the top while brown at the bottom which is a horrible and unpleasant sight, especially in pictures! 

Anyways I wanted to dye my hair, but at the same time broke from all the christmas presents so couldn't afford to go to the salon for a proper hair dye. Obviously my alternative would be DIY, however I was so so lazy that DIY felt like a hassle to me and the chemical sometimes can be quite strong till it would irritate my scalp. My last choice was to use "Bubble" or "Foam" hair dye. I've heard from friends that the colours from bubble hair dyes would not turn out as well as the usual DIY hair dyes, and it would also fade faster. But I was so lazy that I couldn't care less at that point, just wanted to cover up the roots/outgrown hair for Christmas so I won't look horrible in pictures.
With that, I decided to try the bubble hair dye from Schwarzkopf in Berry Ash. Why? Because I personally like Schwarzkopf brand and thought hey why not? I've tried Liese before and the results was just okay, and because this is a Salon brand I had high expectations from it.

Like most of other DIY hair dye products, it includes gloves, dye, mixture or developer for dye, after dye treatment, and a manual. A hair dye product without the pump would just be like any other hair dye, so yes the pump represents the bubble or foam dye. 

Just pour in the mixture into the bigger bottle stated as "Developer 2" and mix it in a gently by swinging side to side. Do not shake or mix it by pouring up and down like the Liese product. For this product mix with the end of the bottle swinging side by side not passing the straight line of the 180 degree. Move it for about five to 10 swings will be good enough. (Read manual)

Once that's done just replace the cap with the pump cap and pump the foam out! Okay when I first saw the colour of this foam I kinda freaked out a little because it is GREY! I actually stopped for a second and wondered if I bought the wrong colour! But after checking the box, I felt a little more relieved and went ahead with it. :p

So this is my hair colour before dye. Notice black on top and brown colour from the center to the bottom? It's so ugly!

I followed the instructions from the manual and waited for about 40 minutes before rinse off. By the way, apparently after rinsing the product, I've got to SHAMPOO my hair to remove any excess chemicals that may be stuck in my hair. At first I got really confused because they used the word "shampoo" in the instructions, but yeah to conclude we do need to shampoo after rinse. Remember to use a shampoo for coloured hair to prevent the colour from falling out.

I do like the outcome of the colour, it is the kind of Dark Ash Brown I wanted. At this point I really love my hair colour. HOWEVER, after a few washes, I noticed my hair got lighter. The grown out part still remained coloured so the colour isn't exactly washed off but I noticed my brown has gotten lighter. I guess what my friend said was right, the colour does not last long, not even for Schwarzkopf. :(

  • Fun and Easy to use,
  • Untangles hair while using
  • The product is able to colour pretty decently
  • Did not cause hair to damage or feel dry
  • Did not cause irritation to my scalp (I have sensitive scalp)
  • Colour doesn't last long
  • The smell of ammonia is pretty strong for a bubble hair dye
  • Not exactly cheap
Quality: 3/5
Repurchase: Maybe when i'm feeling lazy or desperate. 

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