Heineken Red and Green Party @ Skybar KL

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After one of the biggest event of the year 2012, "Heineken Thirst", a round 2 of "Heineken Red and Green" or "Heineken Tokyo" took place at Skybar KL on the 20th of December 2012. So yes the theme was Red and Green, probably following the Christmas colour since it was only a few days before Christmas, I don't know. :p

Koala and I attended the party with non other than Karmun and Aris! Noticed Karmun the red head is now the brunette? Love her new hair colour on her, her dark hair makes her look sophisticated and elegant. Also I hate my eye make up! I shall never do this make up style again. :( Guess my eyes are just to sepet for this make up style haha!

The pathway is considered pretty small given the many people who attended the event, thank God no one fell into the pool that night, especially those who were tipsy or drunk. Well not that I know of at least.

For girls, events are extra fun when there's photo taking sessions! Heineken provided a booth to snap our photos and printed out a hard copy for just us to keep for remembrance. We had to pose 3 different poses, fun times. 

The pretty and cute emcee of the night. 
Like usual in an alcoholic event, everyone is still sober and tamed, smiling for the camera! :)

When we first arrived we were standing by the table while waiting for Don's arrival, just drinking and taking pictures. Once Don arrived he took us to our table, I appreciate that we have a table but it was a little hot, even so, I'm glad we got somewhere to sit than stand whole night. :)

Alicia, Karmun, Chelsea, and Ashley

So here are the pictures taken at the beginning of the event, in other words when we were still sober. 
James and Alicia

James, Ben Foo

Ah Yat and Sam

Aris, James, Alicia and Karmun

After a few buckets of these beautiful drinks, everyone started loosening up a little. Of course an event without food is a failed event.

So Sam here was nice enough to get more bottles for us, with that our night ended up looking like these pictures.... Enjoy :)

Henry Lee and Ben Foo... the redness from the eyes kinda says it all.

Sam and Aloysius entertaining themselves with the music. See the video below as they dance to Swedish House Mafia

My Koala happily dancing.

That's about it guys! Meet people, drink, party, have fun, dance!

Picture credits to www.elevenredpaperclips.com
Please visit here for more pictures

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