How to make things VANISH?

9:58 PM

Hello everyone! Any magic fans out there?
The other day I was catching up with an old friend, and he introduced this magician to me, Rosen Roy.
Now i'm not a huge fan of magic, but sometimes it can be quite fun to see. Whenever someone does a magic trick in front of me, I often try to figure out the tricks, but tend to fail.

So when my friend told me about him, I started looking through his videos. Here is a compilation of a few of his shows. 15 years of experience is really no joke, he has appeared on NTV7, Astro AEC, and more. Check out his Lynas video below.

There are quite a number of Malaysian magician these days, sometimes I wonder are they really that good? Well for Rosen Roy I honestly wouldn't know since I've not been to any of his shows or workshops. But what amazed me was the number of his supportive fans. Here are a few pictures of him and his fans.

So MANY supportive fans. 

Fan from Brazil, man this guy is international! You may check out more of the fan pictures here.

Now because Rosen is a friend of my friend's, I got to know that he's having a magic workshop this coming 
Date: Sunday (27th January 2013)
Time: 11am (2 hours)
Venue: Kuala Lumpur ,Kepong Manjalara. 
Fee: RM100/person (inclusive food and drinks)
Language: English & Cantonese
and decided to share them with you if you are interested. :)
He will be teaching you guys how to vanish things with bare hands. Hmmm.... interesting. His workshop is only limited for maximum of 35 people! If you are interested, register ASAP.

You may contact Rosen himself via SMS/Call at 0182844039 to register, and he will provide you the information then.

You may find out more about him here:

I now end this blog post with Rosen vanishing a glass of champagne.

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