Port Dickson Trip Part 1

2:48 AM

Hey everyone! So as some of you know I went to Port Dickson for a "3 Days 2 Nights" holiday with  my family. I decided to record a video just for fun, thought of doing something different. :) Please watch the video first before reading below yeah as they are linked. :)

This is what girls do, cam whoring before leaving for the trip. :p

Based on the scene from the video, I had 9 pieces of mcnuggets! I'm such a pig I know! But I went full protein no fries and just water. Reasons? Because I knew that once I go out eating with my family members I'll eat even more like a pig, so for starters I decided to take it slow. :)

Once we have arrived, my mum and aunt checked in. I had to be the "Bags Watcher" :( By the way we stayed at Avillion Resort.

You know, I think people these days really can't live without the access to the internet. Literally when we got into our rooms and just settled in, all of us with smart phones started searching for WIFI, including my mum!

Harry Shum Jr. wearing my cousin's hat and my sun glasses. :) Ah yes forgot to mention to you guys that Harry and I are best friends! He came back to Malaysia and joined us for our PD trip. :)

The view outside of our room. 

As mentioned in the video, my sister and I got bored so we went walking around and I took some shots too. :) Enjoy....

The grass is so green!

It was REALLY REALLY HOT. The sand burnt my feet. 
But despite the terrible heat, the place/view is nice. :)

From L to R: Restaurant where we have our breakfast buffet, swimming pool, walkway near the karaoke, a bar.

I know there arent any video footage of FOOD, but that's because they look so much nicer and appetizing on pictures. :) We went to Country Homes Restaurant! Food really not bad, the bill came up to about erm RM200+ I think. But there were a total of 9 of us and two dishes of crabs, so it was not too bad. :)

Some people like to dip some bread into the crab's sauce, when we asked for bread they gave us this.

They taste like Pao. But it's really cute though and somewhat more tasty than eating with the normal loaf of bread. 

Later that night my Harry and I went to our cousins' room to play some monopoly card games. We planned to sleepover in their room because we knew we would be playing till late. I was accompanied with Soju! :)

You will see a footage of Harry and my cousins playing card games in the next video, Part 2! Stay tuned! :)

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