Port Dickson Trip Part 2

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Hello Everybody!
This is part 2 of my Port Dickson Trip with family (video).
This was a very simple and chillax trip, but just want to share with you some of the stuff we did and the FOOD. :) Enjoy.

Remember to watch the video first before reading the blog post. :)

The next morning we headed down for some buffet breakfast. The buffet breakfast was already paid for so yay for that. The variety was pretty okay, not as much as I expected though and also I was trying to eat a little healthier to prevent myself from putting on too much weight. I took french toast, beans, and sausages first. For my second plate I took some salad because I notice I've not been eating enough greens. After my second plate I did not feel full yet so I went and took more food! Took half a hard boiled egg, 2 sausages and a little bit more greens. 

After breakfast, referring to the video above, my sister and I went to walk on the beach. 
If you like to see more footage of the beach please watch the video. :) The weather as usual in Malaysia was and is pretty hot so dipping our feet into the water did help cool us off a little. 

On the way back to the room, we noticed the "Traditional Malay Footwash". This was a need because no matter how much we washed the sand off our feet, while walking back there were still some sand on us. 

When we left the beach we went back to our rooms to rest a bit before lunch. After that was just swimming. My cousin Daniel (with the cap) and his girlfriend Natalie did not swim, I didn't ask why but instead they played Monopoly. I didn't want to get tanned so I did put quite a lot of sun block. :p

The day has passed and came the night.
It was time for dinner! But before that, OOTN! In the video was pretty dark so here's a brighter picture. 

So we went for some Mexican food, El Cactus!
The atmosphere isn't as pretty but the food was really good! 
However one of my cousin had food poisoning after that night, 
the rest of us didn't so not sure if it's cause of the food here. 
But seriously the food is pretty good.

Okay I don't know the name of the food but I can explain how to eat them? So this is a wrap, comes with either beef or chicken, we ordered both. There are some other stuff to add into your wrap to make it tastier (the picture on the right).

Like this picture above, this is how we ate the wrap. Top left and right are chicken and beef. The bottom right is another dish but the taste is somewhat similar to the wrap.

My favourite dish would be the Nachos on the top right. Look at how cheesy it is and the meat! The pasta was average, i'm not a fan of lamb stew, the food at the bottom left was just average too.

The last night of our trip was better planned.
After our Mexican dinner we planned to go for Karaoke. 
Honestly I'm not a fan of singing, especially not in public because I can't sing for nuts. 
But it's a family thing so i just went and sat there really haha! But karaoke was at 11pm, we managed to finish dinner about an hour earlier. Since it was the last night, my sister and I decided to take our last walk around the hotel. 

and took some pictures too.

This picture was taken while waiting for my family members to walk 
their way to the karaoke lounge.

Cousin with 2 mics, just because we love his voice so much.

My drink, Martini Extra Dry. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought Martini Dry's are supposed to come with olives? Anyways this is the second time where I was served a Martini Dry without the olives and It makes me wonder why don't they do that automatically? I was kinda disappointed with this Martini because as you can see it is VERY LITTLE! I think it was mostly ice. :( But oh wells. Do any of you know where serve really good Martini Dry that's worth the money?

Next Day

Next morning it was time to pack up our bags and say good bye to Avillion.
But before that we went for the same buffet breakfast, because breakfast was till 11am only, while checkout time is 12pm.

This time I had their nasi lemak. I love the sambal, i'm a sucker for sambal. When there's a good sambal I tend to eat more rice, so at this point I had to stop myself from eating so much rice. :/

My second plate, took some greens again and some ham and another half hard boiled egg.

That was our trip! It may have been a very simple trip but it was nice to just chill and relax, spend some time with my family who I do not see often, because they live in Australia. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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