Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour Baby!

1:26 AM

The night that I've been waiting for since last year 2012 has finally came! The concert took place at Sunway Lagoon.

I was so excited about it till I curled my hair! Haha it's a freaking Rave Party, it's going to be sweaty, messy, and possibly rain (which did), so why bothered curling my hair right? Well these are the things that I do when I'm excited about an event. Sometimes things don't have to make sense. :p

I went to SHM OLT with a bunch of friends, but Arthur gave me a ride, thanks Art! Regina tagged along. :) We left his place at around 6.40pm thinking we were going to be late but we were the earliest among our friends: Bel, Brian, Simon, Nat, James, Julia, and more

While the rest of our friends were stuck in jam, we met up with some of Arthur's friends and they offered us some Vodka and Gin. I did not want to drink too much because my stomach was empty and I was waiting for my friends so we could all drink together. 

Unfortunately, the jam was impossible and by the time our friends arrived, we had to walk towards Sunway Lagoon. Regi and I rushed to Burger King and grabbed a burger since we haven't had dinner. Once all of us met at the near entrance, Simon passed us a bottle of mineral water filled with Vodka. So I took two shots of Vodka hoping that it'll give me some energy. Buttt... nope it didn't, I didn't feel anything. :(

Glow in the dark wrist bands! I didn't have any at first but James gave me his, hehe thank you! The security there were really weird but somewhat funny though. As we each showed them our IC, one of the security said to my friend "we are same age" while he looks way much older. As for me, I have a plastic cover for my IC so I put some cash in there, when the security saw, he told me to MAKE SURE I don't lose the cash. I guess they just wanna have fun while working haha. 

It was 9+pm and there were still so many people entering, the queue outside was really long too. We were so close to the entrance where the rave party was held and some of our friends wanted to use the bathroom. I was feeling so impatient and couldn't wait to get in!!! When they finally came out we kinda power walked and the moment we heard SHM playing, shit we ran in like mad people and immediately screamed as we reached and stood with the crowd. It was an amazing experience at that point of time. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this is my first ever concert! HAHA.

Loook!!! It's 3 of them! It's kinda cool to see three of them spinning up there. <3. 

The crowd was crazy! People kept walking in and out passing us which got really annoying, with that we dance for a while in the crowd and later on moved out to the back where there's more space and air to breathe. 


Us before we got all wet and sweaty.

Dancing and sweating so much got me really thirty, my friend Simon suddenly appeared with a beer. Asahi RM15 which is pretty reasonable. After a period of time I decided to get one for myself because I really could not stand the thirst, Regina went with me to get some beers. Even both the bars (Absolute and Asahi) were packed! I bumped into Mun Yee there but I was focusing so much on the beer due to my thirst I didn't manage to snap a picture with her. 

One of the most awesome moment was when they blast the music at the same time they showed our Malaysia's flag. It was pouring quite a bit so I did not manage to take a picture of that, my camera isn't waterproof. 

I heard from some friends that the crowd from Chill Zone was able to access Party Zone which I feel is terrible for those who paid RM253 for Party Zone. There were security standing there but I heard that anyone could have just walked in. The Party Zone was cramped because of the crowd from Chill Out Zone. 

I also noticed some repetitive songs. I don't mind since they played my favourite songs. But when I got home I started wondering why did they play the same music twice? They have so many other songs. But even with that, I still had a lot of fun!

It's them!! Okay is very blur I know but it's THEM!! HAHA.

Us with the combination of sweat and rain
Seriously and honestly, I had an awesome time. The music personally was better in their album than live, but even so I had a blast! Some people complained that the music was not loud enough but I don't know maybe because it's my first concert? But I enjoyed every moment of it. Except for the part where we had to squeeze  with the crowd to get out. 

When the last song was played, the crowd asked for more. Not in direct words, but the members of SHM said that they thought Singapore was crazy, but Malaysia is madness (not in exact words) but they are trying to say that the crowd in Malaysia are super awesome. :) Yes we are.

With that I'll like to end with a short video of the concert. My camera and Bass don't go well together so please excuse that. Please watch the video in HD.
It's kinda sad that it's their last tour, I'm hoping it's just a marketing gimic because I WANT MORE!

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  1. SHM brought the house down for the first and last time in Malaysia!

  2. I was there too. Right in front!
    They were amazing :)

  3. I was so happy when shm announced they will be in Malaysia raving! The event was soooo awesome!

  4. omg so many ppl went there! Too bad it's the last tour ady :(


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