A Bouquet and Some Brussels.

3:12 AM

14th February 2013

On this very day, I was awoken by a surprise. . a very unexpected surprise. I was still sleeping soundly like a sleeping beauty, except that I'm not a beauty, when my mum woke me up. I opened my eyes sleepily and I saw my mum holding a bouquet of flowers, suddenly my eyes opened wide. The first thing that came to my mind was who in the world sent me those? The bouquet of flowers were from my good friend James, and delivered by our friend Jon Chong. Thanks James for the beautiful flowers and Jon for delivering them to my house. :)

I believe I'm a sucker for flowers because I notice that whenever I get flowers I would capture many pictures of them, and most of the time are the same shots. It's an object, how many pictures do I need to take anyway right? Not like the flowers could pose for me. 
But I believe is because of how beautiful flowers are, and how like I said, I'm a sucker for flowers that made me want to take as many pictures as possible till i'm satisfied, before they lose their beauty or die. 

I separated the bouquet into two vases as I wanted to keep one in my room on my working desk. 
For my room I used the smaller vase because my table isn't very big, but I put the nicest flowers here. I love flowers that look pretty but my all time favourite as of now are Purple and White/Pink and White Lisianthus and White Roses. Anyhow I really love the bouquet of flowers. :)

When night came, I went to Sunway Pyramid to meet my girl friend for some snacks and also hang out. After walking pass a few bars we finally decided to go to Brussels because they have more variety are by far most affordable. 

By the time we arrived it was about 10pm+ so there weren't that many people which is nice, cause that means more peace and quiet.

The girl talk got us hungry and of course thirsty so we ordered some snacks and drinks. This is what Carmen ordered, while I ordered this:.
Cafe Latte Ice Blended with some Garlic Bread. Haha isn't it funny that we were in Brussels but did not order any beer or alcohol? Even I'm shocked that I did not order alcohol because I usually do when I come to such places. 

Although Carmen and I do meet up once in a while because we purchase deals together for Spa and Beauty, but on this very night it felt much more fun. Maybe because we had more time compared to before. We sat and chatted till 1am talking about almost everything! Guys, family, friends, career, interest, modern women, self-confidence, basically anything and almost everything! I really had a fun time by just chilling and talking.

Half way eating and chatting, suddenly the waitress brought us a cake complementary of Brussels because it was Valentine's Day. Carmen and I stoned for a second and stared at the waitress. The waitress then explained to us  "the cake is just complementary by the cafe, is not that I think you guys are lesbians." LOL. Carmen and I were like "Oh no we didn't think that". Then she explained that earlier she gave a cake to another two girls, and the girls shot her because they thought that the waitress think they are lesbians. Again... LOL. The cake is really moist inside out, and very rich. I think a cake like this can be shared among 3 to 5 people.

Anyways this was my Valentine's day, I hope everyone had a good Vday too whether you are single or not. :)

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  2. i dont have a good Valentine's day so dont need like ad ya? =p

  3. haha! lesbians?? so funny larhh!!! anyway, the flowers look great!! :D

    1. You think im a lesbian? Hmm you better be careful when we meet at events then. :p Thanks. :)


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