Have you been to the -6 degree Celsius part of Malaysia?

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Sometimes last week (23rd Jan, 2013) a few bloggers and I were brought to Genting to experience Snow World! I was super excited because I've never experience snow before and was curious on how it would feel like. Watching so many movies and seeing people wearing winter coats and boots really made me wonder what it's like to to step on the snow, throw snow balls, etc. 

When we arrived Genting, the moment I stepped out of the bus I started shivering. I knew Genting was cold but I did not expect it to be so cold till I would hug myself in my jacket. JQ who is in charge of PR greeted our arrival and brought us to Snow World. You will see her in the pictures later.

Snow World was closed for 8 months for renovation purpose and was launched last year 31st August 2012. It has been opened for 5 months but on this very day it was "officially opened". 

View from the outside, people can just stand outside to look and admire. But to actually feel and experience they have to pay for it of course, good things are usually not free.

While waiting in queue, I noticed these two mascots playing around and thought they were really cute. At one time the pink-head mascot, I think it's a pig? He was showing tantrum, "merajuk" and the monkey kept disturbing the pig, hitting and teasing him. 

After signing the guest book, Karmun who accompanied me to the Launch of Snow World, and I walked towards the "Dress Up" area where they provide a variety of coloured winter jackets along with gloves and boots. The gloves come in S, M, L, and XL while the boots they come in sizes following your normal shoe size. There are lockers as well for us to put our stuff and it is usually no advisable to bring your handphones or camera with you into Snow World unless your phone can take the cold. For example, my compact Canon camera can only hold up to 0 Celsius, not negative. 

The moment I entered Snow World, I felt a total of 360 degree change in temperature, it was so cold! Not more than one minute I was already shivering and trying to keep myself warm. My nose felt so cold and my lips felt like they were about to crack. Covering half of my face with the gloves however did help :) 

Snow man! My first time feeling a snow man too! Well it just feels like ice lol.

The launch started with some dance performances. Until today I am still amazed by how they could dance in the cold wearing that. I could barely walk properly even with the winter jacket and gloves on. 

Dato' Kevin Sim, Executive Vice President of Genting Malaysia Berhad was present to launch the event along with the management team of Theme Park Management, National Marketing, and PR & Comms. A special appearance by Jentzen, Astro celebrity was also seen at the event. 

The launch officially begun when the 8 feet Snow World logo ice sculpture were light up with crystal light, followed by a "Day & Night" LED light animation show (which is one of the new attractions in Snow World).

So this newly renovated Snow World went with the houses fantasies of the traditional European street theme. You will see English Tea shop, French Bakery, an Italian Pizzeria, and shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates to make you feel like you're in Europe! Unfortunately it also feels like you are there after working hours, so they aren't open. 

Like my title above states, the temperature inside is -6 degree Celsius (never have I been at a place as cold as that, not even Sydney!) Do you see a somewhat Igloo look alike?

The igloo look alike is the "Warm House". There's no heater or anything in there but it is definitely not as cold as outside. But even so I doubt I can sit in there without my winter jacket.

With Jq! It was my first time meeting her, she's such a friendly and outgoing person. 

Choulyin, Karmun and I

Despite the coldness Karmun and I did enjoy the cold experience and had some fun. :)

After Snow World, we had a couple of hours to burn before we headed back to KL. With that we were given an All Day pass to ride any rides in Genting. But of course before that we were fed with buffet. But I wasn't very hungry after Snow World, I'm guessing because I snacked a bit in the small hall room inside the Snow World.

Snow World is also available for special functions such as private events and parties. If you are interested please refer the end of the blog post for their contact details.

Once we got into the theme park we saw Carousel so just went up spontaneously for pictures purpose. 


Although it was moving quite slowly, but walking around while it's moving made me feel dizzy, unless I walk really slowly. I wonder how kids can just run around when the carousel is moving. :/

Karmun and I are very afraid of heights, so we skipped all the extreme and scary rides like roller coaster, cockscrew and a few others. Haha so we went for elephant ride instead!

I've never been inside before so I thought just go and check it out. Karmun mentioned that it's not scary and there's nothing inside. Since it isnt scary I thought of just checking it out, since it's free anyway. But the moment we sat in and went in I don't know why I got so scared. I think it was the darkness that I was afraid of, and I was also afraid that I'll see something scary so I kept my eyes shut. 
I tried randomly taking a picture with my eyes shut to see if i can catch anything interesting, and this is what I got. LOL. So yeah this ride kinda sucks, really nothing much in there but it's just dark.

Some of the other rides that we didn't dare to get on. :p

The very scary ride. :(

Beep beep

We wanted to go on this but when we were waiting in line to go on it, it started pouring!!! :( We couldn't do much once it started raining so went to eat Mary Brown's and met the rest at Starbucks.

That's about it, my experience at Snow World and also some of the tamed rides at Genting. :p

By the way, Snow World is RM30 for adults, and RM25 for children and seniors, including jackets, gloves and boots. Of course if you are a WorldCard and  Rewards Card Member you are entitled to RM3 off. For private functions you may visit www.rwgenting.com or check out their Facebook page! Remember to like their facebook page too! :)

Pictures credit to: www.elevenredpaperclips.com | www.clevermunkey.com | RW Genting PR & Communications

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  1. so good loh~
    i wish i can go to this kind of blogging event leh~
    haiz.. sad.

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. so fun! btw is it really that cold inside the snow world? I've been there once only before they renovate :/

    1. For me it was crazy cold! At one point my toes started to hurt. :/


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