A Candy Land in the Beauty Room

11:40 PM

Recently I was introduced by Lina (thanks Lina!) a Beauty Room that caters to our beauty needs. I've been to a few beauty and spa outlets and most of the time they look pretty much about the same in terms of ambiance, or maybe the outlet interior? 

It is very common to see boutiques in a beauty spa, or vice versa, but there was just something different about The Beauty Room. I've yet to know what it is, but hopefully as I'm typing this blog post (as you're reading this blog post) I will find out what about this place that makes me want to revisit. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind seeing this picture above? Yes I know it looks like beauty and nail spa in my pictures above, but when I stepped into the store, the first thing that came to my mind was "candy". 

Prepared to be amazed. :)

Courtesy of The Beauty Room. I was given a service of their "Color Gel" which price ranging from RM105-RM130. What makes color gel different from our usual nail polish is that it's very long lasting. For me, a normal nail polish would last me few days, a week if i'm lucky (with top coat). But based on personal experience, color gel can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. 

So just a few pictures to share with you the procedure of their nail ice gel service. First they would re-shape my nails. I asked for squarish instead of round. I hope you can see the difference. :)

Next they got rid of my nails cuticle together with applying based coat. It was my first time drying my nails with the blue ray light! The other nail spa that I went to used a fan, lol. It was pretty mesmerizing putting my hand inside a box of blue light that is enhanced with pretty diamonds. :)

The colour that I chose was the half glittery blue. I've always wanted to try a nail design like this, and finally got my chance. :) For the blue glitter, they applied 2 coats, and please ignore my sleepy face, it was a very sleepy day. :p
After excitingly putting both of my hands into the box that shined like a diamond (okay i'm so lame), here's the results! When it is under sun light my nails are really shiny and I really love them! 

Other than my Color Gel, they have some pretty cool nail arts. They will personally draw the art on your nails, unlike some of the other nail spas i've been to who uses a sponge and the metal plates. 

Wondering if they have a waxing service? Yes they do! I'm actually thinking about trying their waxing service here. Here's the price list for their Waxing Service. :)

"Wax is a bit of an obsession for us. It has to be; it’s all we do. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering a superior wax experience. We have created an environment that is clean, professional and raises the bar on hygiene, sanitation and wax care. You won’t find any double dipping here.

When you focus on providing one service, you have to do it well. Our Wax Specialists are completely committed to the safe and effective removal of unwanted hair. Our experts use a unique quick waxing method that is designed to be as virtually pain-free as possible and leave your skin smoother and hair-free longer. "

Eyebrow Rm 20 
Upper lips Rm 20 
Nose Rm10

Upper Body 

Under Arms Rm 35 
Half Arms Rm 45 
Full Arms Rm 65 
Stomach Rm 25 
Lower Back Rm 25 
Upper Back Rm 40 

Lower Body 

Half leg Rm 60 
Full Leg Rm 90 
Bikini Line (“Neat & Tidy”) Rm 60 
Sexy Bikini (“Barely There”) Rm 100 
Brazilian Bikini (“Fuzz-Free”) Rm 150

Like I mentioned earlier, it is very common to see boutiques at nail parlors, the accessories and clothes are imported from Korea! Why Korea? Because the owner of The Beauty Room is non other than the beautiful Rachel Park. :)

She may be the owner, but she is one of the most humble and down to earth boss I've ever met. She's so polite and friendly. By the way, they are hiring! They are looking for waxing therapist and manicurist, so spread the word around.

Okay back to the topic from my introduction, what is about this place that draws my attention? Firstly it looks like candy land! I'm not a sweet tooth but I like how it looks kind of different from other nail or beauty spas. Other than that, what I love about this place are the staffs. I was given a cup of Green Tea (my choice) and some cookies! That's beside the point, but yeah I really like the owner and the staffs. I believe that what makes a store successful is the people working there, because bad attitude equals to bad service right? 

Here's the price list of their services:


Sssnap! Manicure
Not having enough time? These are design for glamour girl on the run... We will shape your nail and finish with your choice of color. (Rm 20)

Forever Manicure
A traditional manicure starts with cutting your nail and shaping follow with cuticle care, massage and a choice of your favorite color.Felling awesome again.(Rm 38)

Sweet Sugar Manicure
Indulge your skin with all benefit of Forever Manicure and followed by natural sweet sugar crystal scrub that you gonna fall in love. (Rm 65)

Sweet Escape Spa Manicure
Reborn yourself with Sweet Sugar Manicure followed with an amazing soothing mask that will give you a silky smooth skin and brighten up your complexion.(Rm 90)

Anti-Aging Spa Manicure
Renew your skin with natural crystal scrub and emollients exfoliate and rejuvenate followed by Forever Manicure. Giving you younger looking hand…Good bye dull skin…! (Rm 90)

Sssnap! Pedicure (Rm 20)Not having enough time? These are design for glamour girl on the run... We will shape your toenail and finish with your choice of color. Don’t forget your flip-flop….

Forever Pedicure (Rm 48)A traditional pedicure starts with cutting your nail and shaping follow with cuticle care, light foot filing, massage and a choice of your favorite color. Felling clean and awesome again..

Shoeless Pedicure (Rm 65)Start with extra care for your crack heals followed by Forever Pedicure. These special treatments are made for someone who wanting a smooth heals. No more embarrassing feet….

Sweet Sugar Pedicure (Rm 95)Indulge your feet with all benefit of Shoeless Pedicure and followed by natural sweet sugar crystal scrub that you gonna fall in love with.

Sweet Escape Pedicure (Rm 120)
Reborn your feet with Sweet Sugar Pedicure followed with an awesome cooling mask that will give you a silky smooth foot and brighten up your complexion. Feeling good and confident all over again…

Hot treats 
Hand Paraffin Rm 30 
Feet Paraffin Rm 40 

Color Gel (With Removal) - this is the one I did. :)

Single color Rm 105 
French finish Rm 125 
3-tone finish Rm 130 

Enhancement Gel Acrylic 

Natural overlay Rm 100 Rm 80 
Tips Extension Rm 150 Rm 120 
Sculpture Extension Rm 220 Rm 200 
Removal Rm 100 Rm 70 
Silk Repair Rm 15 


French finis Rm 10 
Diamond finis Rm 10 
3-tone finishes Rm 20 
Glitter tips Rm 10 
Nail Design Starts at Rm 3.50 
3D Nail design Starts at Rm 10 
Rhinestone Starts at Rm 1

Block D2 Level G4 - 8
Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
03-6206 5525

Operating Hours: 10am to 8pm (Close on Mondays)

Ambiance: 3.8/5
Service: 4/5
Overall: 3.9/5
Revisit: Yes

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