ASOT & Future Music Festival Asia 2013

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A State of Trance (ASOT) and Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) for the year of 2013 is now over. I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the many who still crave for more, as some of my friends drag themselves to work, while others blast their headphones at work. 

On the 15th of March (Friday) I got all excited and ready to experience my first ever FMFA. Yeap it's my first time, and I'm so glad I went for it. The picture above is Samuel expressing his excitement as we walked towards the entrance. 

 photo 20130315_183626_zps90b39f68.jpg
We are always ready for a group picture! Us before we went in. We arrived around 5.30 to 6.00pm.

I remember during FMFA Pre-Party they had the same Vespa contest, you may view the FMFA Pre-Party Post here. I didn't join the other time, but just took a picture because I didn't have data plan, but during the FMFA weekend, thanks to Samuel Chew, he shared his data with me. Thank you very much Sam! Check out his blog here.

We felt that we were kinda early so we started walking around and trying out certain activities provided at the event. I got to try some of the food at the gastronomic centre. The food above is made out of sugar or oil something like that, and I did not like that very much.

After trying the food at the picture above, I was kinda afraid to try the next one. If you actually notice, I looked kinda worried or afraid to try the next one. Thankfully this one tasted a lot better, it tasted like ice cream. :)
 photo IMG_0635_zpsa10d220f.jpg

As Samuel, Calista, and I explored around we ended up in the red room. They had games for entertainment, and the racing game is kinda cool because you'll be wearing this goggles and you'll probably feel like you're really driving. I suck bad at car racing games so I skipped that, but tried others. Their theme of the event was that we had to get rid of our maybes and focus on the positive. I thought that it was a very good thing as it persuades people to think positively and perhaps follow their goals and dreams.

Oh and guess who I bumped into at Sepang, Mr. Jeremy Choi. Haven't seen this fella since..................Uni? He was the official photographer for FMFA.

All thanks to Manoah and Asahi Malaysia for the money can't buy VIP Media Passes, we were able to rest and enjoy Asahi beers and food at the Media Lounge and of course aircond! With the Malaysia's heat and the dancing, an aircond area would be really useful. 

Nathalie, Calista, and Samantha

I've never played darts before until that day, and I am kinda bad at it... but even so it was still kinda fun. :)

As it got closer to night, it was time to party! I actually saved up my energy for the night and thanks to the free flow of Asahi and the awesome music I managed to go on till the the night ended. 
Met a gorgeous model, Alicia! She's so sweet and friendly, it was nice to meet you, hopefully we'll meet again in the next rave party. 

With Mike Yip (picture credit to him) and Calista. If it wasn't for FMFA, I would have probably not met Calista, she's not only pretty, gorgeous, and cute, she's also a darling. I'm going to miss her when she returns to KK. We had so much fun partying together.

Bumped into Leonard Chua, my college mate. The picture on the right is Leonard's funny friend Nate, taking picture of himself before he took a picture for us. 

My friends and I stayed at the VIP Cabana and danced all night long to W&W, Cosmic Gate and Armin all the way. Some of them went off to in front of the stage to capture pictures of the DJs. When Armin appeared the whole crowd screamed and cheered for him. I listen to him on YouTube, but that night he was just awesome! 

With Ryan and Nelson
When a few of my friends got tired we headed back to media lounge and met the rest there. Guess who else I bumped into? Dawn Yang! The moment she walked into the lounge i went into shock for a while, no idea why, but yeah my friends started teasing me and asked me to take a picture with her, but I guess I was shy? I don't know. In the end she came to me... hahaha! So nice of her.

With sexy and gorgeous Zana. 

My first night ended with not only great live music but fun with great and funny friends. :)

Future Music Festival Asia 2013 (16th March 2013)

The second day of the weekend was the one that I was looking forward to. Why? Because I'm not really a trance fan, and also I get to see various artists perform like Rita Ora, Psy, Angger Dimas, Sidney Samson, DJ Goldfish and Blink, and more! 

During the day we hung out at the Asahi VIP area where there's aircond (thank goodness) and more darts!
A group picture with other bloggers and Don, and a picture with Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg.

Didn't focus much on the performances during the day because I already kinda knew who I wanted to see, but managed to capture a picture of Tenzin and Timmy Trumpet. A unique mix of beats and trumpets.

On the second day I did a lot of walking around, meeting up with an old friend (King Yi) and exploring to different places. I spent most of my time at the VIP area in between the Flamingo Stage and the Gnome Stage. Don and Zana's sun glasses are so cool hahaha....with Yeeing at the bottom right picture.

Naughty By Nature, I remember listening to them on MTV many years ago.

With friends and Sidney Samson!!! He's so down to earth and took a picture with me. :) Top right: pictures with the girls, Calista is all hyped up, and girl in yellow is Kah Mon, who I have not seen for a really long time, still as cute as ever. :)

With Nelson Teon, many thanks to him for helping me take some of the pictures and also bringing me to backstage! 

Me right behind Sidney Samson... hahaha I was so afraid to go at the back of him to take pictures, but Nelson managed to persuade me. Here are some videos of the night!

Please watch video in HD
All I can tell you is that I danced a lot and had a lot of fun! Especially when Prodigy was performing, my goodness I went all crazy and danced non stop. I literally felt like I was doing cardio, their music was just so awesome that I couldn't stop dancing. A few times when I thought they were about to end, I got upset but they didn't fail to surprise me as they continued on. I think they wanted to stop 1 to 3 songs before but they went on. During one of Prodigy's last few songs, as it was still going on, they came down and walked around the crowd, that was so awesome! By the time I saw that and wanted to take my camera out they were quite far away already.

Overall the DJ's and artists that I enjoyed most in my first FMFA would be Angger Dimas, DJ Goldfishand Blink, Sidney Samson, Prodigy (definitely), and Rita Ora (she has a very sexy personality on stage).

PSY sang Gangnam Style twice, first time for us to record videos and take pictures, and the second time just for us to enjoy, very thoughtful of him. Zana went crazy when PSY sang Gangnam Style, it was definitely a fun experience.

I like to thank Manoah and Asahi Malaysia again for this wonderful opportunity to experience such an amazing event. Many thanks to you guys and love you guys! Now I look forward to Hardwell! Hope he comes to Malaysia.

I would like to thank Nelson Teon, Samuel Chew, and Mike Yip for their pictures! :) I'd also like to thank Samuel for giving me a lift back and forth for the two days.

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  1. wow! u met so many bloggers and fehmes people there weyyy!! so much fun there! :D

    1. Haha yeah it was fun... got to know more bloggers. Famous people only got to meet Dawn Yang. But that's good enough for me haha.

  2. Im still wondering if I were rollerblading or bowling in the first picture


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