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Hello my lovely readers,

Today i've got something awesome to share with you all! I think the ladies would be more interested in this, but I'm pretty sure there are some vain guys out there. ;)

For those of you who know me, or seen my pictures you may or may not have noticed my eyes. What about my eyes? I wear coloured lenses all the time! Well except when I'm sleeping or lazing at home, but when I go out I'm always wearing coloured lenses.

I have been wearing FreshLook for a few years now and although some colours may be repetitive every one to three months, I still love them!

The colours that I usually wear are Sterling Grey, Grey, Blue (my main 3 colours) but recently I wanted to try something different and discovered Turquoise and Pure Hazel. I'm loving the two new colours that I have tried and am so excited to try even more colours! I've tried some of the other colours as well but they didn't impress me as much.

So if you are in love with coloured lenses like me, check this out:

If Mr Lens does not sound familiar to you, they are actually an e-commerce site that provides quality and reputable contact lenses brands such as Freshlook, Acuvue, Focus Dailies & Softens; and available for daily, weekly, monthly, or coloured. Price wise they are as affordable as what you can get in retail outlets, in fact some brands slighter cheaper. 

What about postage fees? If you are from Klang Valley, you will receive free shipping! I'm very happy about this because well now I can buy my contact lenses online and not worried about shipping fees. 

As my title states, I would like to share with you ways to earn some money while wearing your favourite contact lenses, the Affiliate Program. 

Why do I even bother joining this affiliate program? First off, you can start earning some cash on your blog and website, or even e-mail. Extra pocket money won't hurt anybody.

What you will need to do is put ad banners on your blog/website which will direct them to If your readers make a purchase, you will get 10% reimbursement of advertising costs!

You will need to register an affiliate account at and you can also check your account to see how much you have earned. For more info please read MrLens Affiliate Information.

Are you up for it? If you are then click here to register as a new affiliate partner, may refer to this blog post as I guide you on the steps. :)

Fill in your details properly, especially bank account number or else you won't receive your payment. :)

What's a swift code? This is a swift code. Look for your bank and location, then use the swift code provided.

And you're done! So easy right? Now next you will need to put the banners on your blog/website

Choose your banner and copy the code given. [For] Go to your "Layout" and click on "Add a gadget", choose "add HTML" and paste the HTML code there. 
Once you're done with that you may choose where you want to set the banner by moving it around at the "layout" section. You may refer to the top of my blog and the bottom to see the banners.

FYI MrLens will be giving away 2 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends (worth RM180) to every blogger who becomes an affiliate & blog about it.
  • register to become an affiliate & place banner for a month to qualify
  • blog about the affiliate program
  • submit blog post link
  • a redemption code will be given to redeem the reward on MrLens
  • a camera lucky draw at the end of the campaign for a lucky blogger!
[You may submit your blog post URL HERE or on Butterfly Project's Facebook page. A few clicks and you're in! The campaign will end on 31/3 and MrLens will not accept anymore participation. After the campaign you'll be given a redemption code to pick your preferred Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses on and it'll be delivered to you free in the Klang Valley! For those who are not in Klang Valley you will just need to add in extra RM6 for (WM) and RM10 for (EM)]

Thanks to Tammy from for the pictures! :)

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