I re-DEFINED My Senses of Fun at Zebra Square

9:34 PM

Aloha, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good I have to say having to attend such glamorous party, DEFINE, all thanks to Manoah. The dress code for this event was White and Blue, the main colour was White but if you have some Blues, put it on why not?

That night I put on a simple yet elegant white top together with my blue bodycon skirt and my favourites shoes for this month, from Forever 21 for only RM69! I always feel very tall when I wear this pair of shoes because it's about 6 inches high. 

On the way to the registration and entrance we walked passed some securities and their tags caught our attention because it was digital! Kinda cool, wonder how much they cost.

I got to say that the moment I entered into the hall room I was wowed that it was so white and pretty inside! White is one of my favourite colours, so seeing everyone dressed in white and this theme really impressed me and made me happy. So weird right? I feel happy when white surrounds me.

The opening deck and host of the night was the gorgeous Patricia K, she looks like a goddess as she stood on stage with that gorgeous and elegant white dress. 

My night started with a glass of champagne in an empty stomach, but it was all good. I didn't want to drink so much that night because I had to drive myself home, hence i limit my drinking to only 2 glasses of champagne and a bottle of cocktail! I got to say, DEFINE really knows how to give us a good night, serving delicious drinks.

With a bunch of other bloggers, Su Ting, Samuel, Ee Laine, and Simon at the bottom right picture. All of us still looking fresh as the party was just about to start.

I really love how most of us wore white that night. With the gorgeous ladies, yes I do mean ladies: Karmun, Julie and Jessy bottom left, and Sam Insanity. 

Looks like i'll be seeing a lot of Lance from now, I've been bumping into him at events a lot these days. :) With Vivian and Samantha on the right. 

Mr. Nasty and Guruguru took over the deck next spinning some awesome EDM House that made me want to dance! And thank you very much Mr. Nasty for posing for the camera. :)

Tara McDonald from the UK blew the stage with her awesome and powerful voice, plus her outgoing and fun personality on stage. 
Not only is she awesome on stage, but fun off stage as she came to our table and started dancing with the guys, sitting with some of us and having some pure fun. She must be loving her job. 

Out of nowhere it startd raining bubble smoke and the crowd got distracted with that by poking them. 

Zana looks gorgeous in this dress! Actually I think she looks gorgeous all the time, but I really love her dress that night. And with Nelson on the right, a person who loves EDM as much as I do. 

Jennifer and Ashley Ngu, both looked stunning that night, and i just realise that both of them wore the same colour. Choulyin and Henry, Henry is the joker always talking nonsense and jokes around but it's funny, and now I think Choulyin kinda got affected by him. But anyhow I enjoy their presence. 

I was just sitting down with my friends and enjoying my drinks when someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. It was Andy! You've probably seen him in my Glenmorangie blog post because he was there too! Anyways Andy is my friend from Uni and it was really good to see him again. Bumping into my old friends at events really makes me happy. I guess I don't need to introduce Kah Mon to you guys, but she is adorable as usual. 

Sam Chew, my somewhat Wine buddy who also left early that night! 

I used to think that Ashley's workout and diet must be very intense in order for her to look this good. So after the event when we went for supper, or rather super late dinner for some of us, I had a chat with her. Apparently she doesn't really diet because she loves food! But of course she works hard in gym. I got to say she's got good genes. 

So when we were having fun mingling, taking pictures and drinking, I noticed there was a pair of glasses going around. Some of them wore it and took pictures with it but I do not know who it belongs to, and Sam would not miss the opportunity to take a picture with it so here is him with glasses. In his words, he thought he looked like a perv, but i think he looks like a grandpa. With David on the right, I am very thankful for my 6 inches heels if not i'd look so terribly short next to him. Why are you so tall David?

Normal pictures all the way till the last one when we were told to do funny faces. Sometimes it is the small little things we do that makes the event fun, and I think taking pictures at events is one of the top activity i look forward to. 

With more of the girls, Yeeing, Jessy, Julie, Yukiko, Jennifer and Ashley on my left. 

What I love about this party? Everyone in white, the white theme, the people, the delicious drinks, the performances, and the music, i look forward to attending events like this again. :)

I'd like to thank Lance, Samuel, Nelson Teon, Karmun, and Jackie for the extra pictures. :)

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    1. you were quite quiet and looked tired too... caught you yawning haha.

  2. huhu i no market oredi you say i become crazy liaw T.T

    1. Hahaha you're already not in the market for quite some time. But for the girls you're still in the market, if you roll both ways. :p


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