Music Conference Asia 2013

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Aloha everyone! How did your weekend go? As for me I went to Music Conference Asia 2013, Sepang and it was a pretty fun night! Were you there too? For those of you who went hope you had a blast, and for those who didn't hope you had a wonderful chillax weekend. :)

I was sponsored to attend this event all thanks to Don (Manoah) and DEFINE, so special thanks to them! Do check out the previous DEFINE event before you proceed with this blog post. :) 

Manoah often gives the best they can, and cause of that I was able to enjoy VIP parking, lots of Asahi Beers, and access to a few VIP areas, such as DEFINE VIP area where most of my friends were. What more can I ask for? Thanks and much love to Manoah.

Before proceeding to Sepang, let's take a few steps back to a few hours before.
Say hello to Def, Chriz, Nick, Stephy, and Yee Ma (that's what Chriz asked me to call him). We were hanging and waiting for another friend after our dinner. Thanks Chriz for giving me a ride to and from. :)
The waiting was longer than expected, so these two fellas impatiently started their own mini party.

After literally 2 hours of waiting for their friend and drove over, we finally arrived! But of course we didn't go in immediately, had our own party outside first to warm up.

and having our own fun. :) Chriz being such a poser purposely ran in front of the camera and posed. 

While the night is still young and while we are still sober.
Just because he wore a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Haha!
Group picture! Picture credit to Nick.

Chriz and I both went in earlier than the rest because the rest wanted to party outside before they enter, in the mean time we got some beers, saw some friends, and snap pictures all the way! Honestly when it comes to party events I really have nothing much to say, so as usual let the pictures do the talking. :)

The line up for that night.

Minutes later when things started to get a little crazy. 
A very deep and passionate expression of bromance.

With Sam, Jason Ong, and Chriz. Sam Insanity looking clean and smart when he first arrived. But yeah the next picture says it all. ;)

I do not know how else to explain how was the event other than things got a little crazy after a while, well obviously because of some insane person, which you all know who. Not a bad thing though, he keeps the party going. 

Deff got a little drunk over here, while Eric is showing off his nipple that shines light. Last picture, Eric, Nelson, and Insanity.

Chriz with his friend, if I remember correctly he's the owner or manager of Beer Factory. Bumped into Sarah, was good to see her and she was looking cute. 

Gosh! Jon's waist is smaller than mine, envy. It was plain fun pouring Asahi on Insanity. 

With the dearie Karmun, she and the rest came by a little later, as usual always good to see her.

With Gibson, one of the Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. I attended the event but left early before they announced the winner and until today I've no idea who won actually. 

That's about it guys, a fun and relaxing night of drinking, socialising and snapping pictures all the way! If i ever come to an event like this without my camera I would cry! Hope you guys have a great week ahead! :)

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  1. I had a great time there too! Was super crazy all of us kena beer everywhere lolol. Nice to meet u again babe :D xo

  2. Ohhh awesome post yeah. Lots of pics. :) great to see u there.


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