Our Meow Turns 18 Again!

5:39 AM

When was the last time you hung out with a your dear friends? I know work can be a bitch sometimes, but it is important to maintain a balanced life between work, friends, family and loved ones. :) I got to say that I'm thankful that I am still able to be in touch with my uni mates even after most of them have started and busy with work. 

On April 3rd, 2013 it was a post birthday celebration for our Meow Meow cat, Christine (we love you!). The celebration held at TRIO, my friend's restaurant. Check out their Facebook page here, the food is REALLY GOOD!

Take a quick look at the ambiance. 

May I introduce to you, Christine Wong a.k.a radio announcer on Traxx FM and also the birthday girl. :) She was already eating her cake when some of us arrived. :) Since the first day I met her till today, she's still so adorable and lovable. 

Somehow taking a picture in the washroom is a must for this restaurant, because the lighting and the ambiance is so pretty! Also I so happened bumped into Christine at the washroom, spontaneous shot. I wouldn't have took the picture if it was just me. 

Us doing what we are good at :). Looking at these pictures right now makes me realise how much I missed them again. Oh yes all of us did Mass Communication, been together in some of the classes, met up for lunches and other outings. We will never go back in time, whatever that has happened during our uni days are gone, but we have no regrets cause we enjoyed our uni days and now moving forward with life, and still making time to meet up once in a while. 
However some of them are hoping to go back to college because life was just so much easier then. I feel a little sad that things have to change as life moves forward. I know that it is something that no one has control over, but sometimes how i just wish if life was as simple as back in uni days. I don't know how true this is, but I noticed that as we grow older we slowly lose the colours and happiness in us. Maybe it's the stress at work? Right now i'm just hoping that I'll be able to maintain a smile on my face without having to fake it, no matter how tough life gets. 

A group picture of us girls! In most of our gatherings, there will at least be 1 person missing so the group picture isn't complete, but this time all of us were present.
Seated: Leanna and Emmy. Standing: Jo-Ann, Wei Lian, Sue Ann, Christine, Grace, and Karmun.

Salt and pepper! So cute. :)
A room specially made for our dear Meow Cat.

Leanna, Emmy and Sue Ann

Honestly, all of us were starving to death! When the food arrived it was placed on the huge tray and we could smell the food and went crazy serving ourselves by going to the tray and just take whatever is ours. The father of my friend's partner felt bad wanted to serve us but we were cool and helped ourselves, after all it's our friend's restaurant and we have hands and legs. :)

The food is really good, not kidding at all. If you're planning on eating rice, they suggested us to eat with the butter. 
If you love spices and chilies you have to try this sauce. I love it! Goes really well with the meat. 
Christine ordered their home made pizza and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. The taste is rich with cheese and meat and very different from the usual Dominos. I know why compare with Dominos right? Cause that's the pizza I eat most often. 

My burger was HUGE! It's almost the size of my face. But the burger patty isn't very big but it's fine because the taste of the patty is very rich so you will need the bread to balance out the taste. There is one draw back however and that is the bread is too soft that it breaks easily. If you go to TRIO order their Persian food because it is a must try. :)

Our friend's partner's dad was so funny he took a snow spray and sprayed all over meow. 

No celebration ends without alcohol, Tequila shots baby! ;) (Thanks Karmun for the picture)

Her cuteness and adorableness has increased by 30% when she wore the specs and posed like this. 

Girls and the guys at the bottom.
The guys: Calvin, Justin, Aris, Hamid, Christine, and Nelson.

It was definitely a fun night as we hung around the restaurant after dinner, chatting and taking more pictures. Hamid actually booked the whole restaurant just for us! Awww thanks Hamid, lots of love from us. *hugs*.

Last picture I took that night, Nelson playing with....................... sorry Karmun I forgot his name again, but he's so nice to play with. :) 

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  1. I didn't bake that cake. XD Got it from work.

    1. Oh hahahah oh ya Christine didn't exactly say you made it, she just said it was from you lol!

  2. meow so kuteee.. like me! HAHAHAHAHAHA,. Just kidding!!
    My dear you still look so pretty and sweet..how're you doing lately?;P

    1. Hello baby *hugs* i'm doing good, hahaha yes both of you are cute. Hope to catch up soon.

  3. OMG!! your friend with bright green hair colour is so outstanding!!! and the bday girl looks sweet!! :)

    1. Haha yeah you plan to dye ur hair green too? Yeah she's very cute and sweet.


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