Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Nude (200)

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Hello lovely ladies,

It has been quite a while since I last reviewed a beauty product. Lately most of my blog posts has been all about events, events, and events. I have tried a few products in the past few months but have yet to review them, my apologies for that. But today I suddenly felt like reviewing the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation. This product isn't new in the market, but it is new to me since I don't usually use foundation. So yeah this is my first foundation that I own. :)

I've done some research online and read reviews, that's how I ended up with this product.

I was choosing between the shade of Nude and Sand Beige. At first I really could not decide because both shades look almost the same when I applied above my jaw line, and the lighting at Watsons wasn't very helpful either. But my mum suggested the nude, so I took the nude. 

By the way, you should never test foundation on your hand because based from my experience, the last time I applied the product on my hand, it oxidized and i panicked. At first I thought I should go back and change the shade to Sand Beige because of the oxidization. 

So I did a lot of research online, reading many reviews and got to a conclusion and that is our facial skin is different from our body such as hands. In order to test if the product would oxidize on your face is to test it on your face. I also noticed that Sand Beige has yellow undertone which I dislike because my skin's natural color is more towards pale white than yellow. 

I took the risk and decided to just open the product and gave it a try. Thank God it did not oxidize on my face! 

How I usually apply my foundation is by pouring the product on my hand like the picture above, and then I'd use a brush or hands to apply the product on my face. For this review I used my face because my brush is washed and still wet.

So in the picture above i've only applied the left side of my face just to show you the difference. When I use my hands to apply I like to pat the product around my face than spreading it. Just personal preference. :)

The left picture has foundation on one side of the face. Can you tell which side has foundation? My left or my right? Or better yet, the side with the mole or without? As for the picture on the right, I applied the foundation all over my face. 

I love how it looks natural on my skin. :) Based from the picture above, I've only applied 1 layer of the foundation, but based on reviews the product is build-able, so if you have very obvious scars you may cover them but applying another layer.

Now that I've covered my imperfections, it's time to add more color to my face. I'm going to put very minimal of make up because I want it to look as natural as possible. 

I thought I could do this review without my concealer, but sadly my dark circles are just too terribly obvious. But it's okay cause now you can see the wonders of concealers, if you don't normally use them. :)

My thoughts on the Revlon Colorstay Foundation
I really love this product, and it is definitely something that I would repurchase. As for oil control, I would say it is just average for my very oily skin. As for my friend who has normal to oily skin, she said it helped controlled her oil, but for me probably just a little. As for the scent, there is a scent but I can't explain how it smells, but I kinda like the scent of this product. 

The texture of the foundation is flawless, it does not have the cakey finish hence it looks natural. Do I apply pressed powder/powder foundation after? Well I do, because the foundation does not have the smooth and dry feeling, so I would usually apply some powder for a more matte finish. If would be better if you used a translucent powder

Long Lasting?
The only time I wear foundation is when I go for night events or parties and so far it has lasted for those hours. But within those few hours I noticed my face started to get a little oily, but even so when I take photographs it doesn't look as oily as it feels.

I wore this foundation to these recent events, you may check it out and see for yourself. :)

Whenever I remove my make up at the end of the night or the very early morning, I noticed a lot of foundation on my cotton. But with my oily skin, I doubt it would last for 24 hours realistically speaking, especially at my T Zone area. 

As much as I love this foundation, I can not conclude that it's the best, but definitely worth the cost. 

This product is RM59 if I remember correctly, but when I bought it there was sale so I got it for RM45! :D

Quality: 4/5
Price: 3.8/5
Repurchase: Yes

Hope this review was useful for you, please do not hesitate to ask me questions if you have any. You may contact me at or comment below. :)

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  1. Contacts? Hate your eye color? :/

    1. Personal preference? Then don't get that color for yourself? Lol. :)

    2. Where'd you get them?! They look so natural and pretty! Do they have them in grey? :)


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