WeChat Party 2013 @ Neverland KL

2:51 AM

2nd April 2013

Another WeChat event has been held, this time it's a re-launch and also the TV Commercial launch. WeChat also wanted to give us a good time with delicious food, drinks, beers, performances, games, and a great opportunity to meet up with one big group of friends, communication. Read about the previous WeChat Event Here

Before I proceed, lets watch the advertisement first. :)

If you are a fan of Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani, then you're in luck cause you can add them and chat with them! All thanks to WeChat, you don't need their contact number to chat. :)

If you have no idea what is WeChat and it's your first time hearing it, please allow me to briefly introduce this application to you. 

WeChat is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed in China which was initially launch on January 2011 named "Weixin", and with international language support in October 2011. Later on it was re-branded as what we call it now, WeChat, in April 2012 to appeal worldwide marketing.

WeChat supports not only text and voice messaging, but it also supports videos and photos. Like most of the other applications, group chats are available and you can find your friends who are nearby to chat with. 

If you are a user of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry you may use this application.

The event started with a dance performance by Urban Groove Dance Academy.
Please watch in HD. :)

The Emcee of the night

Speech by the Vice President, Mr. Poshu Yeung, thanking us for coming and asking us to enjoy the rest of the event.

Since March 2012, there were 100 million strong users of WeChat which furiously rose to 200 million in September 2012, and as of now WeChat has 300 million user accounts in January 2013. Now it's already April, I wonder how many additional users. 

There are a few multimedia functions to this application for communication flexibility and a few of them are already shown in the advertisement above. The multimedia communication functions are such as:
  • Text messaging
  • Hold-to talk voice messaging
  • Broadcast (One to many) messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Photo/Video Sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Contact information Exchange
WeChat supports 17 languages including: English, Chinese, Indonesian Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, and Bahasa Malaysia.

As mentioned above, WeChat supports the following operating systems:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
and they are supported on:
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G data
  • 4G data
Similar to the previous launch of WeChat, cool functions such as 'Shake', 'Look Around' and 'Drift Bottle' are still available in this application. You may read more about it HERE.

How much does WeChat cost? It's FREE! Well of course for your data line and stuff you gotta pay on your own unless you've got WIFI around you. Just like most communication applications, you can chat with your friends who are overseas studying, basically anywhere around the world if they are able to access the internet. 

To register, you may log in to WeChat with your Facebook account or just sign up with your phone number. With WeChat you don't have to worry about some random stranger seeing your contact number because it will not be shown. 

Once you've got your WeChat you can start searching your friends via their WeChat IDs or their phone numbers directly, or you can like your phone address book to let WeChat find your friends for you. :)

Now let's look at the rest of the pictures for that evening.

Performance by Vivian Chua and Henley Hii

Game Session 1. Males had to answer questions regarding the female topics such as make up products for example, vice versa.

Second Performance by Awi Rafael

Beers to quench our thirst. :)

With Benjamin, Henry and Choulyin. I've not seen Henry and Choulyin in a while, it was definitely good seeing them that night. Although we didn't really talk much but their presence is what that matters. :)

With Charmaine! If you guys didn't know, she's engaged! Congratulations again. :)

The typical thing we would do once we see each other, snapping pictures all the way...

Jennifer, Choulyin and Charmaine

With two of my old friends, one from high school, and one met when I was in UNI. Lance and Zulaika at bottom, and Mandylogy. Love her dark red lip colour.

Kah Mon (some of you may know her as Bendan), looking super cute and adorable! Not only in pictures but in person too. She complained and scolded me for wearing heels! So adorable and lovable. On the right picture is Nelson Teon, Mr. Popular, i'm sure most of you know him

With the gorgeous ladies, Samantha and Ashley. :)

Samuel Chew! Felt like I've not seen him in a while, miss hanging with him. He's been kinda busy since he stopped bumming. Hope to hang soon. :)

Simon and Jessy, sweet as a couple and nice people in general. First met them at the Glenmorangie event. 

Stephanie Lim, the hot blogger and Jason Ong, along with Samantha Kong.

First time taking pictures with Elwin, Joel, and Cindy. :) Benjamin Foo won a headphone set in the lucky draw! I'm envious! He told me the headphone is perfect for EDM, but not for rock. So I told him that I listen to EDM most of the time, suggested he gives it to me. Guess what he said to me, "Don't stupid". Sounds rude but it was hilarious. :)

Definitely a great night of catching up with friends and experiencing the new way to connect, WeChat. 

WeChat is an application that I would say an improvement from Whatsapp as it is able to perform various functions all in one application. You have to try it out to see if it's to your liking, but as you can see, already more than 300 million users now, what does that conclude? :)

Add me up on WeChat! My ID is Josarine. But please remember to tell me that you got my ID from my blog, if not I would most likely ignore you thinking you're some random person.

I don't talk to strangers but I talk to my readers. :p 

For more information please visit www.wechat.com

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