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Does that unique building looks familiar to you? Yup you got it, it's Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! On May 2nd to 4th, 2013 my dear blogger friends and I were given the opportunity to attend ONE Asia MMA Summit 2013 which was held at this beautiful hotel. Other than the great opportunity to attend OAMS, we too took this time to visit around Singapore. It was my first time ever literally walking in Singapore, well the other time I was in Singapore because of transit so that's not counted right?

In this blog post, i'll be summarizing the trip briefly, but do stay tuned cause there will be another blog post on Bruce Lee, and guess what I met Robert and Phoebe Lee! But that would be in another blog post. :)

Before continue reading on, please watch a compilation I've made on our trip. :) Watch in HD if possible.

It was a 5 to 6 hours bus ride to Singapore but not complaining here cause it was pretty comfortable, I mean I could sleep in the bus so no complains there. When I flew to Sydney I had a hard time trying to sleep, so i was awake for more than 7 hours, no idea why. But thankfully I managed to sleep in the bus.

Once we arrived to our hotel at Grand Park City Hall, we immediately checked in and quickly got ready for the Cocktail Reception at FUSE, Marina Bay Sands. Here's a picture of us girls and some of the guys before we headed to FUSE.

Marilyn, Hui Min, and Iris.

Tony and Elwyn

By the way they have Wifi in the bus!!

A quick registration

This salmon is AWESOME! We couldn't stop eating it, well it was also because we were hungry. We arrived later than planned due to that we did not have time to have dinner and had to rush off for the cocktail reception. Thank goodness there were these, but this was not going to be my first meal in Singapore! Alhough I was pretty hungry at the cocktail reception, I still managed to remain a smile on my face thanks to these three lovely things: red wine, white wine, and some tidbits/salmon!

Marilyn, Benjamin, and Hui Min

Elwyn, Joel, Tony, and Iris

After hanging around for a while we finally realise we couldn't tolerate any longer as our hunger was like a torment, we went to the nearest food court and this was my first meal in Singapore: Beef ball noodles. How was it? Their chilly wasn't spicy enough, I poured the whole chilly into my soup for more taste. The soup is not bad, but eating the noodles alone without the soup can taste a little plain. As for the beef balls? No offence, but I think Malaysia's beef balls are better. But regardless I did enjoy my meal because I was so hungry!

With Marilyn, Ben and the background of Marina Bay Sands.

Joel's name is now Soo Chul Kim!

Day 2

Due to my messed up sleeping clock, sleeping early on the first night was a huge challenge for me. And sad to say i've failed my challenge as I slept at 2+am and woke up at 5.30am! Not only did I have to force and drag myself off bed, the room was icy cold and we all know that showering when it's this cold can be quite torturous. It was tough but I made it through. :)

Day 2 was the official event, the summit including various special guests such as Renzo Gracie, Datuk Razlan Razali (Sepang), Joel Gold, Marc Raimondi, Greg Savage, John Vamvakities and more. 

The summit started at around 8am, a little too early for me, but thankfully there were coffee and tea! <3. I don't know what is wrong with our generation these days, everyone using their phones instead of socializing. I can't deny that i'm no different from them, but really sometimes i wonder what has our world become, even at dinner we are using our phones, just gotta Instagram before we eat and entertain the "likes" and "comments". 
With Elwyn, Joel, Tammy and Choulyin. I've no idea why was Elwyn pointing at me. Elwyn why were you pointing at me like that?

It was definitely a full house and in the beginning they weren't enough seats that they had to bring in and arrange extra chairs. I was seated wonderfully as the stage was right in front of me which made taking pictures with my not so nice compact Canon camera easier. 

With Joel and Marilyn. Tried taking a few pictures without flash but pictures turned out blur still. 

This year, ONE FC is expecting 1 billion views per event worldwide, and believe to have 90% chances of winning. 
Rich Franklin and Jason Lo. Doesn't Rich Franklin look like Jim Carey? All of us thought so when we saw him. 

Rich Franklin (fighter) shared with us some of the stories about his past, about how he started fighting. He shared with us that back then during their training they would buy red coloured carpets so that if there's blood it would not be noticeable and that they may not even realise they were bleeding that much. 

It started off with watching fights on television and from there they stated following and training through the television. One day he had a random amateur fight and after that someone approached him to fight for $200 per fight. Rich thought to himself, why not? 

Then in 2001 to 2002, he suddenly had an idea thinking that maybe he could do this professionally. So he quit his job and became a full time fighter, and now he's a champion. 

If you're wondering what is Rich Franklin's advice to his fans and to those who wants to follow his steps, his answer is: 

Now the new generations are different from back then, these days there are many academies and instructors, so his advice would be to attach yourself to a good academy, with excellent instructors, proper training partners, who approve you as a person and a fighter. The mentality of "fighting anybody, anywhere" will not lead you far as it is just for a temporary satisfaction, in his words "a short career".

Jason Lo as most of you know is the CEO of Tune Talk who gave a very interesting and entertaining speech. 
So what makes Tune Talk different is that they are very into music, for instance they brought Justin Bieber to Malaysia, they too sponsored Iron Man 3. 

This would be my second time listening to his speech and I realise that Jason has charisma and humour on stage. I mean I only had 3 hours of sleep but my focus and attention was at him the whole time during his speech. Jason then showed a video to us and by watching that video kind of reminded me of the feeling I felt when I was at the ONE Fighting Championship earlier this year, and that got me all excited and can't wait to see the next fight!

At Night
After our very long day we still had to eat despite how tired we were, so we took the MRT to the city area and just walked around and ate. 

A very well done building I would say, caught my attention immediately. 

Love the colours by the steps!

My dinner! I wasn't very satisfied with this meal because their mustard wasn't spicy at all, when it comes to burger and hot dogs I prefer it to be a little spicy at least. Truly Malaysian.

Marilyn and I went to eat on our own and suddenly as we were walking back halfway we bumped into the whole group. So we took a long walk to see Merlion! 

A group photo of us! Thanks to Choulyin for the picture. We got two Japanese girls to help us snap our group picture, and while they were about to snap our picture for us, they said "one, two, three" in a very cute and gentle tone. Benjamin started scolding us and asked us why don't we count one two three like them, instead we just say "ready?" and snap. Okay it may not sound funny here but it was hilarious when he said it to us. 

3rd Day
On our last day it was pretty much the same thing, went for the summit and they were giving awards. I had a choice to not blog about that so I did not take any pictures. My last buffet breakfast :(
 But after that we went to the Casino.
A total of five of us went into the casino but only Elwyn had the guts to gamble. He won and lost some money, so after adding and taking away his wins and losses if I remember correctly he won $30. 

That was our trip, hung around while waiting for the bus and headed back straight after that. But this is not the end, stay tuned on my blog post regarding Bruce Lee, and some pictures of me wit Robert and Phoebe Lee. :)

As for now please check out the video below and prepare yourself!

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  1. Wooooooo, long post, and i actually wanted to cucuk your cheeks, but i scared i would get slapped if i did. You so ganas that way. And actually i only won $10 that covers the cost of my Mos Burger the night before. You had hotdogs, i had burger. Awesomeness in between rice buns. Hehehe.

    1. A summary of our 3 days trip okay! Haha... oh yeah $10... i think cause i converted it to RM so the number 30 was stuck in my head. Hahaha you can try to cucuk and see if i'll slap or not, never try never know. :)


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