STAR SPORTS presents the Malaysian Invasion, 1st ever Malaysian Mixed Martial Arts Tournament

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Is it me or has Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) turned into an IN thing now? Hearing so much about various MMA fighting championships has gotten my hair standing in excitement! To all you MMA enthusiasts out there who just can't get enough of MMA, here's more for you. 

Been hearing about Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA)? Some of you probably have heard of your friends mentioning, or you've been seeing the initials "MIMMA". "MIMMA", "MIMMA" and you're probably thinking what in the world is MIMMA? Now you know! :)

Exactly on 15th of May, 2013, MIMMA proudly announced to the world that their fights will be shown on air starting this very date. This program is made-in-Malaysia and especially for Malaysians! If you remember JinnyBoyTv's video, "Only in Malaysia" baby! *Okay i'm so lame*

On this special date, my blogger friends, media, VIPS, and the rest of the people involved were brought together for the Malaysian Invasion Viewing Party at The Socials, Publika! We were given the privilege to view the first episode of the program right before it was shown on Star Sports for the very first time. 

MIMMA FC is the first all Malaysian amateur fighting championship that is professionally managed. The try-outs took place early February this year and it has attracted a hot response having around 500 participants. As shown at the viewing party, some of the participants were filled with determination, enthusiasm and confidence to show what they've got in the cage, whether or not they have MMA background/experience.

This is considered to be a lifetime opportunity for amateurs fighters to advance to the next stage in MIMMA and then continue on to be professional fighters.

The program was filmed mainly at Paradigm Mall and is based on a format created by the creators of MyTeam, Jason Lo, and YB Khairy Jamaluddin. The purpose of this is to involve amateur fighters from all over Malaysia, give those MMA enthusiasts a chance to experience MMA, hence come for tryouts, and then be crowned as Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship (MIMMA FC) Champions. 

The champions are according to categories such as Flyweight (up to 56.7 kg), Bantamweight (up to 61.2 kg), Featherweight (65.8 kg), Lightweight (70.3 kg), Welterweight (up to 77.1 kg), Middleweight (up to 83.9 kg) and Light Heavyweight (up to 93 kg) weight classes.

What do the champions win? Cash Prizes totaling RM150,000!

Pictures of the night.

With Isaac Daddy! Who is now a busy daddy haven't seen him around much, as usual great to see you Isaac. :)

Shah, Elwyn, and Joel

Clevermunkey Henry and Choulyin

Marilyn and Choulyin


Marilyn and Fabian both won a phone during lucky draw, how lucky and rare is that?

Choulyin, Hui Hsien, and Troy Choi

After the official party ended, we started our own party with the free flow of beer. 

Benjamin, Joel, Henry
This is one of the reasons why I like taking pictures of them, they don't just pose, but they pose with style. 

The sporty and fun Evelyn with her hubby, Dennis. *Sweetness*

The CEO of Tune Talk, and as usual I love his presence on stage, his humour and charisma, Mr. Jason Lo. On the right is with our very own fighter, Saiful. 

Rashid Salleh, if you remember him from Kopitiam :). He's showing us a picture of his baby, trying to prove that his baby looks like him. Such a nice and humble person. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the baby's face. 

Brent, Choulyin, Elwyn, Benjamin, Joel, Henry, and Evelyn
“We are so excited at Tune Talk, to be part of such a fantastic community of dedicated and passionate people made up of fighters, gym owners, trainers, equipment and apparel manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. It reflects what we are all about! We too, are a challenger brand, fighting for the lowest rates and best services for our customers. I'd like to thank everyone involved in bringing MIMMA to life and can't wait for the second season, which we are already planning. Get training, get in the cage and go for it!” said Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk. 

Aired has started on Star Sports, there will be 6 exciting episodes that should not be missed!

As usual for more info, please visit the MIMMA Facebook Page.
For more pictures, kindly visit Josarine | com

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