The Collaboration of Mizz Nina and Jay Park

5:23 PM

Hey guys,

To my friends on Facebook, and those who follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my latest status which is "I miss the feeling of looking forward to something" and I really do! Lately the things I used to enjoy doing doesn't seem so enjoyable now, don't understand why but kinda dislike that feeling.

However when my dear friend Ben Ng told me he'll be attending Mizz Nina and Jay Park's press conference and asked if I wanted to join him, I suddenly felt a little more life and that got me excited about being in the same room as Jay Park. Thank you Ben Ng for tagging me along, it was a wonderful and star struck experience. :) 

I'm not a hardcore Jay Park fan but I've known him since he was in 2PM, and one of his new song called "Joah" kind of got me attracted to him and his work. I still remember when we were waiting in the meeting room, I was seated at where I could see the door. The moment I saw him walking towards the meeting room my heart skipped a beat, and suddenly felt all sorts of positive emotions.

I think, no I mean I was definitely star struck. His presence made me feel ticklish, shy and excited at the same time.

Mizz Nina, our very own local singer who collaborated with Flo-rida before with the song "Take Over" was wearing a pretty dress from her own boutique. When Mizz Nina arrived after Jay Park, she gave a very friendly and sweet presence which made me feel like I could just go up to her and say hi, but I didn't. 

Enough chit chat, to know more about the press conference please watch the video. Please watch in HD if your internet can handle it. :)

Honestly, it felt kinda weird standing next to him, not in a bad way... just a different feeling. Somewhat nervous but at the same time awesome! Haha! I wonder what would have happened if i grabbed his arm... :p

Mizz Nina is pretty sweet and nice. :)

Catch both of them LIVE tonight at Mizz Nina's concert, "Around the World" ft. Jay Park, at KL LIVE (8.00pm). You may purchase the tickets at the entrance, RM150 for 3 tickets!

For more info, please visit:

For more pictures, please visit: Josarine | com

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  1. !!!!! Should stand nearer when taking picture with Jay Park ma hahaha XD

  2. I like Mizz Nina ! So jealous of u.. hahaha

    1. Yeah she's nice. :) I was really lucky to be able to meet them.

  3. omg! i will definitely grab his arm! fan girl on!! :P

  4. OMG OMG OMG! u get to be so close with them! :D

  5. I like how Mizz Nina always seems to do collabos with other well-known stars. Such a good approach! Btw I've met her too in real life. She's lovely, right? :)


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