I've seen that old lady before.

5:41 PM

On June 4th, 2013 - Tuesday I had a strange and somewhat haunting dream that caused me to wake up with fear and confusion as I remember clearly I've seen that old lady before, but at the same time it was unrealistic. My dream was like this...

I was waiting for the lift... and now when I think about it, I have no idea where I was about to go or even what building I was in. When the lift door opened, as I was walking in, an old lady wearing a dirty brown long robe and a cloth over her head, walked out pushing a flat wooden trolley out of the lift, I did not dare to look at her face. The closest I can describe this old lady is the evil witch from Snow White, but no it wasn't her, just that they dressed alike. I knew deep down that she was ugly, and by ugly I mean really ugly and horrific figure. That's when I realise, I've seen this lady before, but I do not remember when, where or how. 

I knew that she was ugly because her presence reminded me of that ugly person that I once saw long time ago, and it was a horrifying sight for me at that time, i'm really glad that i've forgotten that face. 

As the old lady was pushing her trolley out of the lift, she looked at me, and suddenly came back in again. First thing that came to mind was WTF, and felt like this felt strange, why did she come back into the lift when she was supposed to go out? I remember I pressed 3rd floor, while the old lady just stood there not pressing any buttons, I assumed she was going to the 3rd floor as well. At that point of time I felt like she was about to talk to me and that I should escape, so i pressed 2nd floor and immediately rushed out, and took the stairs up. 

As I was running up the stairs, that's when I realise I was in a hospital building. From the second floor I ran up to the 5th floor, and a nurse came out and told me that I am not allowed to enter, so I ran back down to 4th floor. As i pushed the door open nurses were rushing out, I stopped one of them and asked what happened, she said they found an old lady who has just came out of a cave and has no back bone. Honestly even in my dream I felt like it doesn't make sense. 
I have no idea why, but I asked if there was a book store at the lobby, she said yes and I went down there. I knew clearly that the reason why I wanted to go to the bookstore was because when patients are admitted, they would pass the bookstore, I guess at that time part of me was curious of her face. 

I waited at the bookstore, suddenly i heard people gathering at the window, that's when I knew that old lady was passing the bookstore on a wheel chair. As she passed by I heard people making disgusting noises like "oh my gosh", "ewww", "shit that's gross", and so on. Suddenly there was a clear view for me to finally take a look at her face again. But one part of me told me to not look at her face, so when I had that one chance, I got a glance of her looking at all of us, but the glance was so quick that I only saw her eyes, did not see her face properly. I remember the way she looked at the crowd, it was filled with anger and grudge. She gave a look that says "all you people who are looking at me disgustingly, one day you'll pay, i'll make your lives a living hell". 

After that old lady passed us all, I felt relieved that I did not see her face. After that I just hung around the hospital. Honestly I have no idea what I was doing at the hospital, but I did see my mum and sister there, I think we were visiting someone. I was walking around the lobby and walked passed this lift near the reception counter. 

Then it hit me, that from where I was standing it was dejavu. That old lady will come out of that lift when she leaves. I tried my best to stay out of her way in whatever way I can, I did not want to bump into her at all. I then got distracted by a group of nurses gossiping, I headed over to ask about the old lady, and the nurses said that there was nothing wrong with that old lady at all, she'll be discharged soon. 

When I heard that news from the nurse, I started avoiding that lift. Suddenly a nurse called me and this late 30's to 40's year old guy. I have never seen this guy before, I have no idea who he was, he was short, well shorter than me, wearing a formal white-ish blue shirt. The nurse told us that we are responsible for her, because we are her children. 

Straight away I raised my voice at the nurse and said "no way!" because I was really trying my best to avoid this old lady. It is like no matter how hard I try to avoid her I just can't. I immediately walked away, and the guy called out for me and said "you can't just leave our mum like that". 

Then she came out of that lift, again I avoid looking at her face, she was on a wheel chair. The supposed "son" went up to her and called me along, but I walked away further. The guy called out for me and said "at least look at her, she's sorry for everything she has done, forgive her", and I had no idea what he was talking about. 

I went to the ladies room to calm myself down, then my "actual mum" came into the toilet. I asked her, "What's going on? How am I her daughter?". My mum said, "there was some mixed up with the documents in the past, but i've settled it, i've paid them to settle the documents, you have no more relations with her."

After my mum said that, I felt relieved and decided to go home. Just when I thought I was free to go, that guy came to me again and said, "at least say bye to your aunt". I was very pissed off and literally thought "WTF? Now she's my aunt?!". 

Seriously, no matter how hard I tried to avoid her, she keeps finding her way to make me face her and I hated that so much. I took my mum by the arm and walked away, walked out of the hospital. But there was another exit at the other side of the hospital building, so that old lady came out from there. I quickly avoided looking at her face again, and I could see she was coming towards me, but there were some leaves blocking her face from where I was standing. Then I woke up.

When I woke up, the first thought that came into my head was, I've seen that old lady before, not in this recent dream, but just somewhere. Maybe I've seen her in one of my previous dreams, because i'm pretty sure she doesn't exist in real life.

PS: I've not watched a horror movie for more than a year plus.

The pictures I've selected for this blog post is the closest to what I saw in my dream.
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  1. eeeek! what a creepy dream there!! I guess right now you still remember her angered eyes eh?

    1. It wasn't clear at all... If i remember her eyes means I saw her face hahaha.. so yeah :)

  2. That's a really scary dream! I get sucked into a lot of weird dreams all the time, and I can tell you, sometimes people appear in your dream over n over, even if you've never met/seen them before in real life.. One of those unexplainable things I guess.. You can always try and interpret some symbols in your dream to try and grasp what it;s trying to tell you.. =)

    1. It's gonna be pretty subjective even if i tried to interpret... but yeah it was scary. :(


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