Carlsberg "Where's the Party? 2013" secret is out.

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Carlsberg's Where's The Party 2013 was held on 6th of July 2013. Like the few previous WTPs, the location will not be mentioned, in order to know where exactly is the party is to meet up at the meet up point and then take the shuttle bus to the location. The meet up point for the recent WTP was at car park of Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang. We were supposed to meet up at 4.30pm, but Marilyn, Mike and I came later after dinner just in case there isn't enough food for our tummy before we start drinking Carlsberg. We arrived at the car park at around 6 to 7pm and took the bus to the location.
Our first photo before we entered. :)

After registration just head up straight... I was pretty excited as we were walking up because I was so ready to party!

So the theme this time is airport theme. When we saw the metal detector, no idea why Marilyn and I stopped walking and just stood there and stared at the girls. For me I was thinking if the metal detector is real just for that split second. But of course it isn't! Is it? After a while, Mike was like, "woi go in la, they waiting for you, what are you two standing here for?". So yeah we just walked in and we didn't hear any beep... :p

I think this is some activity of the event, didn't really stay long to see what is it about but I see many people crowding around it so it must have been something fun and interesting.

We grabbed some beer and headed into the hall and that time it was Douglas Lim the stand-up comedian. He mentioned that back in the days Chinese artists/singers were the IN thing that even Malay and Indians listen to those Chinese songs. He was referring to those times when Beyond and other Chinese singers. I am not a huge fan of Chinese music so I don't remember who else he mentioned except for Beyond.

He then did a parody with one of Beyond's song, again not knowing the name of the song because it's in cantonese (I can speak and understand cantonese but I don't know the name of the song!). In Douglas' lyrics he kinda somewhat jokingly insulted K-Pop and saying K-Pop music somewhat sucks? Now that K-Pop is indeed very popular almost everywhere and it's like the new IN thing. I hope the K-Pop fans that were present in the hall room weren't offended, or took it to heart because it was just a joke. 


The night flowed with performers Nine Lives, Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia, Korean Pop sensation Sweety, DJ Inquisitive, Miss Nine who hails from Germany, DJs Clazz and Ming Ming taking their turn on stage to give the crowd an inimitable blend of edgy dance music that kept them going till the wee hours.

The People
Marilyn and Anna

with Simon! Check out his blog at

A friend of mine since we were 18? Hehe! Always fun to have him around at events because he does stupid things when he's high! 

Samuel, Eileen, Evon, and Marilyn

There's actually a story to this picture. Iris was my plus one for an Avene Workshop (which I have yet to blog, Oops) and we cleansed our faces, toned, pampered our skin with Avene products. That's when I realise Iris has flawless skin! Then about few days before Carlsberg WTP she posted a picture of her "flawless skin" on Instagram and I mentioned to her that she has flawless skin. She said I could kiss it and that's what I did. Funny how when I found the gang I was already looking for Iris but she was at... somewhere.

When she got back and when we saw each other, we moved towards each other, she was so cute and smiling as sh walked towards me, sticking her cheek out ready for me to kiss. Kissed her then, and kissed her in the picture. I didn't know a group of them were around us though haha!

My uni mate, Mandy Choong! We have the same sur name. :)

Mr Ken who first introduced himself to me as Ken when we first met at one of the St. Patrick event. When we met again the second time at another event, he said to me, "I introduced myself as Ken why do you remember me as CW something?" Which indirectly means I forgotten his name from the first time we met! Sorry! The reason why I know him as CW something is because of his Instagram name: CWKen :p. So yeah everyone calls him Ken, so I'll call him Ken now too. :)

Read about Running Mondays? Then you know who he is. :)

with Jude! :)

A random group photo! But also a nice group photo, thanks Jaz Khai for your awesome skills. :)

Hui Min, Kate, Benjamin, Marilyn, Ah Bok and Ryan right behind us.

Of course other than just the party in the hall, there were also other activities such as i-Darts, Loud Ludo, Marshall Matters, No-Sight Flight, Turbalance, and Safety Slides for those who preferred to chill and relax but at the same time entertained. 
As we were on our way to the car, Marilyn, Clayton and I saw a stretch of "Lok lok" and they are sponsored by Carlsberg! Why not right? Why not. :) After I eat my food I was a happy girl and we left.

Next question now is where would Carlsberg's WTP 2014 be and when? ;)

Special thanks to Mike Yip, Marilyn Woo, Simon Seow, Jackie Loi, and Jaz Khai for the pictures. :)

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