Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013

12:32 AM

Just one more day till Carlsberg's Where's The Party! Am I excited? Yes! This would be my first time attending this most talked about party and I really can't wait for Friday to pass by. As usual, we do not know where the exact location is at till the day itself, so mysterious and I like. :)

However the meeting point will be at the car park of Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang, 4.30pm and then we will he heading to the venue of the party which will be somewhere in the Klang Valley. Honestly I'm really curious about the location of this party. 

The only information given to us or is allowed to reveal to us is the dress code which is dress casually and comfortably. After the long night of partying there will be taxis available on standby for partygoers like us to go home safely. 

What else to expect though? I was told that to expect an unexpected theme, an awesome setting, like-minded pleasure seekers to mingle with, an epic experience, and ice cold Carlsberg! 

Contests on Facebook and Instagram are already over, the teaser for this party has been held, and the roving WTP crew has made its rounds, now all we can do is wait patiently for Saturday to come. 

Well just got to sit back and relax, or for some of you, get busy till the day comes! Hope to see you guys there! Come say hi if you see me! :) 

See you all this Saturday!

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