ChatOn: A Celebration of Friendship and Creative Expression

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There are more and more applications entering the market since the invention of smart phones. Hey i'm not complaining because every time when there's a new application, there's always something new about them and they are always fun and cute to explore. 

On June 28, 2013, a cross-platform mobile messaging app - ChatOn, celebrated its official unveiling of its brand new TVC and the announcing of partnership with Starbucks at The Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur. 

The theme was non other than dressing creatively in orange, but knowing me who isn't very much into cosplay I just wore something orange to match the event. Those who dress most creative in orange will be given a chance to win a Samsung S3 Mini home!

The event started of with a dance performance dancing to K-pop songs such as Expectation by Girl's Day and Gentlemen by PSY. 

It was also a first time appearance of Chatty, the mascot for the ChatON app who is so cute and round! During the event there was an announcement regarding the partnership between the app ChatON and Starbucks! 

If you love Starbucks, then hurry and download this app if you haven't already because users are given the privilege of enjoying special promotions. How? Just add Starbucks as a Special Buddy in the ChatON app. The Special Buddy feature provides offers, updates and news feeds from third-party vendors in real-time. 

Just in case you are still not too sure about what ChatON is all about, here's a quote by Vincent Chong at the event, the Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

"ChatON is all about celebrating friendships and creative expression. We have moved far beyond the times of one-dimensional text messaging into an era of content-sharing."

"Sending images, videos and voice messages are ingrained into the way consumers communicate these days. In view of that, Samsung constantly innovates to provide consumers with opportunities relevant to the changing times, and ChatON is testament of this."

ChatON is available in 62 languages in over 200 countries and comes with innovative features that can help brighten up and add colour to everyday conversations instead of just plain text messages. 

ChatON's Standout Features
  1. Enhanced group chat which allows up to 200 people in a single chat room
  2. Anicons (Animated Emoticons) - it is essential to express messages clearly and creatively. 
  3. Animessage - Allows users to create their own animated messages with original drawing (similar to draw something), text and audio content. 
  4. Trunk - allows users to check all the images and media files shared in chat rooms through a multimedia-sharing box for convenient browsing. 

ChatON is available for the common operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and bada. 

Now this I did not know until I attended the event, ChatON is also available on personal computers! With that I am able to collate all the chat groups simultaneously. For more multimedia content and more info, please visit

Now that you what ChatON is, here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy. :)

Remember I mentioned that people who dress creatively in orange stand a chance to win a Samsung S3 Mini? Here are the people who were selected at one of the best dressed, but it doesn't stop there. They each (guys and girls) have to dance on stage, and winner will be selected based on audiences' favourite, which means the audiences which including me had to scream ONLY ONCE for the person we like most.
Here's the first contestant, who could not stop playing with ChatON on his phone and even added "playing with ChatON" as his dance choreography. 

The next contestant was somewhat shy-ish, and he mentioned that he doesn't really dance, but in this picture he does look alright. :)

Ryan who made the duck do all the dancing, tsk tsk tsk. :)

Aris went all out and I forgotten that he can really dance! He ended his dance by drinking his orange soda, so commercial-like. 

So before Samuel showed off his moves, he was actually very nervous. Does this look like someone who is nervous? Well the emcee said if this is what he does when he's nervous, wonder what moves he'll be showing when he's not? But seriously, he was really nervous.

After the guys, it was the girls turn and this girl was the only contestant that dragged the emcee to dance with her. She went all out and really shaking her hips! But after her turn, the emcee announced that no one is allowed to drag him into this dance competition as he felt "used" and it's unfair. Hilarious guy. :) 

Zana and Michelle being sexy on stage.

The winners!

There were also other games other than the best dressed, so here are all the winners. :) The lucky people who went home with the Samsung S3 Mini.

Pictures with friends. :)

Samuel, Michael, Julie, Diana, Michelle, and Sandy

With Don (Manoah) who invited us to the event. :)

Jessy, Angeline, Kah Mon

The girls with Don. ;)

Angeline, Ashely, Chatty, Karmun, Sandy, Diana, Yeeing

the emcee (Tan Chung Liang), Samuel, Sandy, Diana, Elvina, Julie, and Michael

One final group photo! :) 


After the event, I went for some wine and pizza with Jason and Christopher at WIB, BSC.

with Jason

Christopher being a hand model for the wine :p.

Special thanks for the extra photos on this blog which are from Jaz Khai, Michael Yip and Jason Chow. :)
Many thanks to Manoah for the invitation to the event. :)

For more pictures, please visit here.

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