Hennessy Night @ The Butter Factory KL (My Hennessy App Launch)

6:17 PM

It was Hennessy Night and the launch of My Hennessy App last Thursday (24th July 2013) at Butter Factory. Special thanks to Don and Manoah Consultancy for the invitation and opportunity to attend the event. :) Because of the jam that night, Benjamin (who gave me a ride), Marilyn and I were a little late.

As soon as we arrived, we headed upstairs to our table and it was time to snap pictures all the way! At alcoholic events like such, I often look forward to taking pictures with my friend, especially when we are all dressed up and looking pretty :).

With Ethan Curzon from B.A.T.E.

My favourite Hennessy drink of all time is Hennessy Apple.

So there was lucky draw that I was not aware of, if I knew I would have put my name card in the box too! :(

DJ Ellie from Taiwan.

Zana and Don. At first I thought Zana's chiffon cardigan was white because of the lighting in the club. Both of them look stunning as always!

Louise, Ah Bok, Anna bella, Marilyn, and Benjamin

Two girls having some fun playing hand games to drink. They were so cute.

One thing about me is that I love to go around and find my friends even if we are not seated at the same table. When I went downstairs to find Chriz Ooi I left my camera and hang bag in the hands of Jonathan Yip and I guess this is what happens when you leave your belongings for him to take care. ;)

Down stairs right in front of the DJ were Elecoldxhot rocking the stage with their skilled solos. I just had to get my camera at that time, so ran back up and got my camera despite how tipsy I was lol :p. More pictures will be available on my facebook page.

Raj, the new PR guy who replaced Ashleigh. Raj is great, and everyone misses Ashleigh! Hahaha... Michael and Bok.

I couldn't feel much from the Hennessy because I was quite full from burger before we arrived at the event. But when there's Champagne... hmm... I will never drink Hennessy mixed with Champagne again!

Why? Because I was so drunk that night I hurt myself! Lesson learned. But regardless of being hurt, I had an awesome time all thanks to the great music and non stop flowing of Hennessy drinks.

For more pictures please visit here.

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