My Birthday 2013.

2:30 PM

Hey all! So my birthday just passed recently... and as usual... when you own a blog, you just want to share almost everything to your readers right? Or maybe just post it up for the memories... just in case one day you lose all the data in your computer, at least you know you have some online. Like some say, "what goes online, stays online." ;)

So this year for my birthday, I didn't really have a party party... hmm... I wonder why... maybe cause attending events feel like partying to me... till I just want to relax on my birthday. :)

I had dinner with my family at this place called "The Hanjan" in Sri Hartamas, recommended by my brother. 

I like how they have like booths for each table... also means more privacy. :)

I have been craving for Soju... no idea why... but my brother and sister had a try... well they didn't like it. Haha! My sister first of all is young, and my brother not really an alcohol person, has his preferences when it comes to alcohol.

While waiting for food...

Kimchi soup! <3

Happily drinking my kimchi soup.

Here comes the food! I love kimchi pancakes... well actually i think I love anything with kimchi. The chicken and beef are pretty delicious as well. Overall the food was pretty decent. Here's just a list of the food we ordered:

1. Grilled Bulgogi (Grilled Beef on the Hot Pan) - RM40
2. Kimchi Jeongol (Kimchi Stew) - RM40
3. Fried Chicken - RM40
4. Haemul Kimchi Jeon (Seafood and Kimchi Pancake) - RM30

Though it didn't seem like a lot of food, but my family we are pretty small eaters... and with rice... man it was stuffing! My sister was too full to move.

With my mum... her friends often say we look alike, or mistaken me as her sister -,-. Not sure if that means she looks young or I look old. Haha. Do we look alike?

with the siblings, Rachel and Christopher. Do we look alike? I don't know why for me in this picture we don't really look alike. aha! Anyhow it was a pleasant family time dinner that I believe every family should have on their birthdays. Especially those who are busy with work, and hardly have dinners together... at least for a birthday celebration should have dinner together. :)


I also celebrated my birthday with my Uni mates! Everyone is busy with their work that sometimes only on special occasions we are able to meet. It's like the day everyone or almost everyone who can make it, gather together and catch up. 

Dinner took place at Bubba Gump at The Curve. Check out the delicious food! They are having some special set offers for 'break fast' and though we weren't fasting, but the sets looks pretty cool... 1 dish with salad or soup of your choice. 

To be honest with you I had no idea in Bubba Gump you have to sing on your birthday, and this is the reason why my friend Sue Ann chose this place. Haha love you Sue! But.... I can't sing... so they insisted I dance instead. Well I will not be let down till I do something, so I had to... but it was in a way fun... I was really shy though. If i had some alcohol probably wouldn't feel shy. 

I was later on surprised with a cake! Emmy baked this cake... it's chocolate with peanut butter and cheese I think. Really delicious, love it. Thanks Emmy darling. :)

with Emmy, Nelson, Leanna, Jo Ann, Sue Ann, and Chloe <3

When I was trying to take pictures with Hamid, Christine and Grace, no idea why but we started laughing. Must be something the photographer said that made us laugh. 

Leanna doesn't really like to smile at the camera but she has such a beautiful smile! Smile more Nana. Sue Ann is always confident when it comes to being in front of the camera. Hamid as always...being the cute, sweet guy he always is. I love the last picture here of Emmy and Sue Ann, very spontaneous. 

Thank you all for celebrating this personal occasion with me. Love you guys!


After my wonderful dinner I stayed over at Chloe's. First thing we did when we got back was cuddle Ronya! Love her to bits! We planned our night with a good movie and some manicure, as well we snacks and wine. It was really nice to stay over at Chloe's as it feels like as if my night has not ended. Thanks Chloe for the wonderful sleep over and also being in my life. I'm so glad that you're in my life. :)

It was a good birthday celebration for the year of 2013. :)

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