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On 29th of June 2013 (Saturday), I attended the Biggest, Boldest, and Best Launch Party by Chivalry Style at KL Live. Special thanks to Mike for giving me a ride and also upgrading my pass to VIP :). What was expected from this event? Finger food, free flow all night long, entertainment, and of course many good looking male models. 

Chivalrystyle is a digital lifestyle magazine that was debuted in October 2012 with a brave, bold and fresh take on discerning men. It's about doing the right thing, whether in pursuing needs, pleasures, desires, trends, or fellowship. It's about being in control and making preferred lifestyle choices; and it's about knowing the difference between being a real man and a boy. 

The content of Chivalrystyle covers all aspects of the modern gentleman's lifestyle, from fashion to gadgets to cars, dining to entertainment to sports, homes to holidays to relationships, from personality profiles to women's views. Basically this is somewhat like another Female, CLEO, or Women's Weekly magazine, to name a few.

The event started at 8.30pm and as usual most people would be fashionably late, with that Mike and I took the advantages of being early by grabbing a seat and enjoy unlimited cocktails before the crowd comes. 

Awesome dance performance. There was another dance performance by Dennis Yin and a group of other people, i'm not too sure if they were Elecoldxhot. Oh btw guys don't forget to support Elecoldxhot at the Show Down this Saturday! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the finals and support my friend Chriz, but i'm pretty sure they will be awesome as usual. :)

with Mike.

Fashion Show by Elegantology
Here are some of the pictures of the fashion show. 


This was a surprise as I did not expect to see half naked men doing cat walk on stage. But as soon as they went on stage the crowd started cheering. 

The rest of the night I'll say it's just party ;)

Mike, Yukiko


with Don and Jude

Mike, David

Pam, Vanessa Chong and their friend. 

The hostess, Nadia Heng looking gorgeous like always.

Say hello to the lawyer by day, DJ by night, DJ Bento! Very friendly and funny guy.

While walking around looking for friends half way bumped into Yve Sim. Been a long time since i last saw her in person. 

friends of Mike

with Anna Huang (FHM Girl Next Door Runner up 2012) and Ziyi Kuek (Miss Singapore 2010). They are really sweet and easy to talk to. :)


The DJs of the night: DJ Eva (Malaysia), DJ Bento (USA), DJ Modium (Australia), and DJ Taka (Malaysia)

I had a lot of fun at this Biggest, Boldest, and Best Launch Party not only because of the free flow and awesome music but because I met a lot of people. I guess I finally realise the fun part about attending events is getting to meet more and more people. :)

Don't forget to check out their website, it's all about doing the right thing ;).

For more pics, visit here.

Credits to for his pictures. :) 

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