Be Beautiful with Mary Quant.

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Hello beauty addicts! Hope you had a good weekend, because last Saturday I felt so gorgeous after attending Mary Quant's beauty workshop at MUSE Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Manoah for the invitation to attend the beauty workshop, because I love make up!

This is kinda embarrassing, but due to the jam in the parking entrance and parking lot of Sunway Pyramid, my friends and I arrived a little late. :( It wasn't moving at all even at the entrance of Pyramid's parking lot, so terrible can you imagine that? Ended up we parked at the hotel parking. But thankfully manage to make on time to watch the workshop. :)

The gorgeous make up artist, Ms Takaki. I'm so envious of Japanese ladies! They are always so pretty.  Here the MUA is applying Mary Quant's Mascara in RED. 

Time to play with the lipsticks and blushers. Based from this workshop, I noticed that Ms. Takaki enjoys mixing 2 tones of blushers together. 

The after picture of the model, so pretty and flawless. By the way Ms. Takaki did not use concealer on her. Lucky her! I have to deal with dark circles everyday :( 

What do you do when the workshop has finished? Play with the make up! I tried their liquid eye liner, and I have to say they are very long lasting. I swatch the eye liner on my hand like the picture above, and went shopping at Sunway Pyramid the whole evening till night, till I arrived home, the eye liner swatch was still on my hand. I was pretty amazed by that. 

I also played with the pencil eye liner in pink. The pencil liner isn't as long lasting as the liquid, but it's pretty decent and love that Mary Quant has so many variety of colours. 

The bloggers having fun testing out make ups. :)

Cindy was busy beautifying herself, but there's always a break to take a picture. ;)

Cutie Calista testing out the foundation. 

With the girls, Cindy and Diana. We went shopping craze after the workshop and bought lots of shoes from Payless! Ok irrelevant to this blog post, but check out my instagram and you'll know what I'm talking about. :) 

Lip stick range, very natural shades. 

I tried the lip glosses, and they are really awesome! It does not leave the sticky after feel, so thumbs up for that. 

I love how the mascara comb is so unique and comes in so many colours. (Picture credit to

A group photo with fellow bloggers. :)

Picture with Ms. Takaki, she's so sweet!

Check out Mary Quant at MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. :)  
May visit for further details. :) 

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