We Love Asia 2013

12:13 PM

Another 2 days of live performances and rave fun took place on the 6th and 7th of September 2013 at Sepang International Circuit. Special thanks to the generous Manoah for giving me 5 passes! 

Here were the artists for this year:

On the first night I arrived pretty late with Cindy, around 10+pm due to work and jam. Many thanks to Cindy for letting me tag along, it was a very last minute plan.
Cindy was really excited to see Pit Bull, so thank God when we arrived he hasn't started performing yet. 
While looking for some friends, I bumped into Glen and Simon. :) Oh btw my skort is from Phat Culture. :) 

with Mr. Chriz... who was pretty drunk when I arrived. 

with Leng Yein 

Stephy, met her during the Define rave party, so happy to see her again. 

Because it was a Friday night and I had work, I was dead tired when I arrived. I really needed my energy drink (alcohol), but only managed to drink 2 cans which wasn't enough for me. However, Pit Bull and his dancers were entertaining enough to keep me hyper at least for a while. When he sang the songs ft. J.Lo, I had a thought in my head that if only J.Lo was present as well. But we can't always get what we want can we?

with Sam who the friends usually call "yee mah". Met him the same time I met Stephy.

That was about it for the first night, see ya'll! :)

Day 2
The second day was much much more satisfying for me because I didn't have work, and we had time to "car bar" before we headed in. 
On the way there in Mars and Rex's car, and there's open roof top! Ok i'm not so noob till i've not seen an open roof top vehicle, just that it's been a while since I last sat in one. With that... I had to.... I just had to....
Photo credit to Chriz, thank you. :)

Yes i'm wearing the skort again, just because I love it so so much! And also because I only wore it for like two to three hours the night before, so it wasn't enough for me. :p Yeah he just had to spoil my picture. =.=
Top and shoes from Cotton On, and the skort from Phat Culture. Oh forgot one more thing, the sunglasses, belongs to Rexx :p.

It is compulsory to take a picture with him whenever we go for raves, events or any party. Super fun partying with him and his gang. 

A group photo of us who were early.
Chriz, Rex, and Nick

Mars and Stephy (yeap another Stephy)

and the Beer Shotgun result to this. 

Later at night, more the friends came with more alcohol. If I remember correctly, we arrived around 7 plus and only entered around 10pm. Anyways here are more pictures at the car park before we entered. :)

Apparently Mars doesn't really drink, and also he was driving that night. But still he was forced to drink. This is so common right? Even when we know someone is the driver for that day or night, we still make our friends drink a least a 1 or 2 drinks.

Taking picture with Stephy's camera, her camera is really awesome, perfect for #selca shots.

I really love how the camera makes our skin look flawless! Maybe I should get one. :p

Flawless and perfect skin even with flash. :)

The crowd that came later on.

I have to admit one thing, I made sure I drank enough to keep the fire up till the rave ended. So when we entered I was already pretty high until I was having such an awesome time that my focus was on the music and dancing, so not many pictures, sorry! :(

with the Twins!! Kaze and Hoshi, Hoshi and Kaze, sorry I don't know who is who. :(

Apparently this jacket isn't cheap.

Hello to my old college friend, Chun Lam. I was busy entertaining myself and dancing to EDM at the cabana when he suddenly came in front of me. I knew he was gonna be going for We Love Asia but I was shocked that he found me in the first place! Haha.

Taboo from Black Eyed Peas! Half way while he was performing I just couldn't stay at the cabana anymore and had to go towards the front closer to him. Like I mentioned earlier, I was pretty high, so I THINK i told Chriz I wanted to go upfront and there we were.

No flash shot, okay I think most new android and apple phones are better than my camera quality already. :/

Personally for me, I enjoyed myself at We Love Asia 2013, however, many people told me that last year's was better? After I knew the line up for last year, without any second thoughts I had to agree that last year was definitely better even though I did not attend. LMFAO and Steve Aoki man! Anyways I still had a great time! I would like to thank Chriz for giving me a lift and allowing me to drive his car on the way home. :)

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