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What's inside this box? Continue reading to find out! But as the box shows, it's from Hermo Beauty Collection. Before I show you what's in the box, just a quick and brief introduction of the website. :)

Hello shopaholics! Now there's more online sites to shop. We all love a variety don't we? It's like the more boutiques or shops, the more variety, so I believe it's the same when it comes to online stores. :) 

The site that I'm sharing with you girls, and probably some guys, is called "Hermo Beauty Collection". They have a variety of products ranging from skin care, bath & body, make up, masks (lately masks have been the 'hot item'), gift set, and more! Visit the page and surf around. :)

If you see something you like, or plan to buy in the future, it's time to hit the "register" button. After registration, it would lead you back to the main page and I noticed something kinda cute. So apparently if you login to their site once everyday you will receive free 200 points. But of course you got to login for a continuous of 10 days.

They have Nature's Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel! Oh sorry got distracted for a while, but here's just another picture of some of the products they have. You really have to visit their site to browse around because they have many products.

I noticed this mask icon and decided to click on it to see the difference between that icon and the "Masks" at the tab and that led me to this. Hermo has a Mask Combination Box! This means on this page, you may choose the masks you want, and it has to be 10 pieces per box. Visit the page to see what masks available, but here's just a print shot of roughly what they have. 

The prices for the masks are also slightly cheaper. 

So I did some free online shopping, courtesy of Hermo Beauty Collection. :)
After taking my time and choosing the products I'd like to get, it's time to check out. :)

Click on the "add new address" and fill in your details.

What I really like about Hermo.my is that I can have a special request on my order. :) So I chose weekday because I gave my office address, and selected Pos Laju for courier. Continue scrolling down and you can choose which method you'd like for payment, there are icons of banks. I chose to make payment on my own and personally contact Hermo after.

So it's time to open the box and show you what's in it. :)

Masks!! Looks like i'm all stocked up until next year for masks. ;)

I got ALOT of masks mostly for pores cause I have huge pores and a lot of blackheads. So yeah if you have the same problem with me, you can get your masks from Hermo. I noticed that not many affordable masks are for pores, mostly for moisture, oil control, and anti aging. Whereas the masks I purchase from Hermo they have a variety where it is for pores refining and tightening and other functions. :)

More masks for moisture. :)

So yes definitely do check www.hermo.com.my and shop! If you don't find anything you like at the moment do not be disappointed because they are somewhat still quite new. There will definitely be more products to come, I look forward to more new stuff from them too! 

DISCOUNT CODE: joannahermo
Use this discount code to receive 5% off before you check out. :) 

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