Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea @ Butter Factory

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I can't believe that it's already Thursday! It was just last Friday that I attended Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea at Butter Factory, courtesy of Manoah. So what did you guys do last Friday? Do share them with me because i'd like to know :).

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As mentioned in my previous post of Johnnie Walker, this was actually my first time attending a JW event by invitation, and I have to admit that I was pretty excited! Of course partying for me isn't the same anymore since I started working. Before this I would wake up any time I'd like, do nothing, get ready, and arrive at the event. As for now I have to rush home and get ready and rush out again. 

Okay I sound like i'm complaining but i'm actually not. I'm very thankful to receive invitations to events because this gives me something to look forward to other than just work everyday. So I thank Manoah and God for giving me entertainments and events like such to look forward to. :)

What's the first thing you do when you've arrived? Other than taking pictures, for me I went straight into drinking. Okay that made me sound like an alcoholic, but of course I did find and greet my fellow blogger friends first before I touched the drinks. So here are Johnnie Walker's complimentary cocktails. :)

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This is called Fresh Gold and I really love it! It does taste as fresh and premium like the name. I had to actually control myself when drinking this because it's sweet and easy to drink. This cocktail is a mixture of non other than Johnnie Walker's Gold Label with lime cordial. 

(Photo credit: Sandy)

As for the rest of my night, i enjoyed myself with some good music and Johnnie Walker Gold Label. Gold labels are the best because it is so smooth that I drank with water without any problem at all.

Check out the hot girls dancing.

The DJ of the night was DJ Show. It was supposed to be DJ DD Lee, but unfortunately she wasn't feeling well. Kind of disappointed about that because I was looking forward to checking her out, her music I mean. 

Pictures with friends

with both gorgeous ladies, Su Ting and Sandy. I love Su Ting's red lips!

Sandy, Alicia, and Don. 

Sui Ying, Su Ting, Yukiko, and Sandy. 

Alicia, Eric, Yukiko. and Jennifer.

Ashley (the girl with the super hot body), Yeeing (always looking hot and adorable at the same time, and Sandy (sweet and super nice)

With mah boy Chriz, chewah I talk like I own him. Lol! Chriz Ooi from Elecoldxhot, super nice guy, friendly, and I love partying with him. On the right picture, the gorgeous Alicia, I love her sweet smile. 

My dear readers, do you recognize this pretty lady here? She was the translator for the BCL workshop! She's Japanese and she speaks very fluent English. 

The crazy and funny things Ryan would do at any event! I really enjoy taking candid shots of him. 

Adrian and Eric

It was an awesome Friday night! I'm glad to meet up with some blogger friends again. It did feel like it has been a while since I last saw them. Enjoyed the drinks, music, and friends' company. It definitely wont feel the same if I attended this event with a different group. Am looking forward to more events to come. :)

Like Johnnie Walker's Facebook page to be updated with promotions and who knows, free passes to the next JW event. ;)

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