The Preview of The Roof

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A premium integrated dining and entertainment hub is in town! Bored of your usual pubs, dining, and bars? Here's a place where you have to check out, it is amazing. I believe that this place will be a star and tourist attraction in the Klang Valley

Last Saturday about 400 of us got the chance to check The Roof out before it is officially launched, in other words, the preview. The place was still under construction and I feel that it is kinda cool to be able to witness the construction part cause that means i've seen the before and after. By the way, the official launch is this Friday, November 1st 2013! Are you on the list yet? Click here to find out.

With some of the bloggers. Michelle, Wilee, Sandy, and Jane.

Su Ting, Michelle, Ashley, and Sandy

The Roof is over 50,000 square feet of dining, entertainment, and event space and are divided into five areas:  Malt & Leaf, Score, PLAY, Signature, and Stratosphere.

Malt & Leaf
As you can see' from the picture above, the place is so not ready to open business yet, but kinda nice to experience the "under construction". This place is here the Malf & Leaf which is for cigar aficionado and single malt enthusiast who want to just relax with a glass of whiskey, smoke their fine cigar and enjoy the view of Klang Valley. Malt & Leaf serves finest collection of quality malts and cigars from around the world. This section is able to fit up to 100 pax with 3,000 square feet. 

Signature was under construction during this preview hence we could not take a peep. But a gorgeous emcee sat outside of the venue and explained how trendy and premium Signature will be once the whole place is launched. At Signature, they will serve their award-winning signature cocktails and a great selection of international premium beverages. 

At Signature you can indulge in a gastronomic dining experience, there are special treats like cooking classes, lovely weekend brunches, whisky/wine pairing dinners or whatever you can think of. They are also open to events and social gatherings. Signature can fit up to 350 pax with 11,000 square feet of space. 

(photo credit to Su Ting)
Want to de-stress by partying? Play is a designer super club and the only premium dance club in Petaling Jaya. Expect top-notch and internation DJs and live acts to keep you entertained! Other than alcohol of couse ;)

I understand that working life especially if it is a routine like mine can make you feel dead and bored, so Play is definitely a place to, well I wouldn't say escape, more like "relax" in a fun way. At Play you are able to have a patio view of the city, and they serve premium spirits with daily promotions, promising to entice you to live the moment. 

Something to get you excited, Lil John and DJ Tenasha is booked for November, better start planning your November nights properly. Play is able to fit 600 pax with 10,000 square feet. 

From the green grass and race track you can roughly tell that here is where the SCORE will be. Very straight forward like the name, SCORE is definitely for sports enthusiasts. Major sports events and live telecasts will be expected to happen here. At SCORE there will be Pool competitions and Darts tournament and of course you will be accompanied by your favourite alcoholic drinks if you wish. 

Seriously, I'm starting to feel bored of bars, but this is a place that I would want to hang at because I can play pool, and I want to learn how to play Darts. On top of that there will be attractive beer deals and yummy finger food. Food, entertainment, fun, drinks, people, all in one. SCORE can fit up to 150 pax of 3,000 square feet.

(photo credit to Su Ting)
Last but not least, my favourite place of all, as we take the elevator up to Stratosphere!

Look at what you can see from the literal roof top! It's so beautiful! Super love this place, so windy, relaxing and just amazing.

This is what it looks like in the evening before the sky gets dark.

At the roof top you can have a 360 view of Klang Valley and it is beautiful. This would definitely be the "In Place" to be once The Roof is officially launched. Open air drinking, cool wind, and nice music.Stratosphere would be a lovely place to have events such as product launches, fashion shows, or even outdoor weddings. The capacity of Stratosphere varies depending on event set up, but it is 16,000 square feet.

Our local celebrities who helped out at the preview.

More pictures from the Preview
With the pretty Kelly.

Look at the beautiful night view. With Mr. Sam.

The girls: (L-R. T-B): Ashley, Wilee, Jane, Sandy, Yeeing, and Michelle

Ryan, Sam Insanity, Samuel

Samuel, Xiang, Lionel, Ryan, and Don

The Roof is a place you have to visit at least once in your life. Visit their Facebook Page for more details. You can even get your passes to the official launch from their page. :)

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