H-Artistry 2013 @ Mines

3:05 PM

The most anticipated event of the year has happened on the 2nd of November 2013. I hope you guys had a good one for those of you who went, for those didn't or couldn't, there's always next year. So i'm here to share with you some of the pictures and my experience of the event.

I arrived around 10pm and that time expected everyone to be in the main hall, but to my surprise many were still outside socializing and enjoying their Hennessy Cocktails. I bumped into a few friends before entering the main area, which is a good thing because we are in different zones. 

With Eric, Chriz Ooi and his girlfriend

My college mate Rachel! Looking more and more stunning every time I see her.

The performers that night were NS Yoon G, Neon Hitch, LAPSAP, Jochen Miller, and Dmitry Ko. They were amazing on stage, and I had a pretty good time listening to their music, drinking, and socialising with friends.

This time Zone O was much more spacious as compared to last year, so i'm really happy about that. Drinks weren't difficult to get as compared to last year too. Our Zone was right at the side of the stage which gave us pleasure in viewing the performances.

With the girls, Hui Min, Kah Mon, Choulyin and Jessy. Jessy is so cute!

with Jessy and Yukiko. Photo credit to issactan.net

with Cindy and Alicia

A group photo! Special thanks Manoah for the invitation, I surely had a good time. This time I made sure I drank in moderation because last year I got drunk. It was definitely more chillax this year but fun at the same time. Hennessy practices responsible drinking and partying, taxis were on standby, and bottles of water were being passed around after the event. I look forward to next year's Hennessy Artistry 2014! 

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