Wicked Festival 2013 First Time in Malaysia

10:36 PM

Hello ravers! The Wicked Festival 2013 has just passed, happened last Saturday (23/11/13) at Sepang International Circuit. I just can't stop expressing my love for raves like such, Future Music Festival is coming soon and i'm super excited for that too! I personally prefer raves over clubs, I'm starting to feel that clubs are slowly getting boring for me. Oh no is that a sign of aging? Hope not cause I still feel young at heart.

Before I continue on, I would like to thank Nuffnang for the VIP pass! <3. I had an awesome time all thanks to Nuffnang. I arrived exactly at 9pm when Zedd was about to spin, and courtesy of the VIP pass we got VIP parking too which made it easier for us to quickly park and run in.

Many thanks to Eric for driving us to Sepang :p, and we met Zana, Don, and Nelson at the VIP cabana. My face lighted up with a smile when I saw them and walked over to give them a hug.

At first I was pretty lethargic and blur, but thanks to a few Tiger Beer and Zedd spinning live at that time got me hyper and started dancing around. As usual at events like such we are bound to bump into friends. I bumped into Melissa Th'ng, Jason Ong, Felix Ferdinand, and a few more people, it was surely good to see them again. So much of dancing and jumping around can be pretty tiring, one point when I was resting I noticed this guy who looked familiar. He wore sun glasses and his body was pretty much filled with tattoos. I thought he looked like John Paul, so I stared at him till he looked my way thinking if it's him he would say or wave hi because he always does so. Surprisingly this time he just looked at me cooly and walked away. Funny thing, so I messaged him to check if it was him and apparently it was! Hilariously, he actually said hi to me when he and I walk passed each other but due to the loud music and crowd I didn't even notice! I feel bad now, no wonder he didn't bother to say hi when I stared at him, he was probably thinking I'm being lansi. Haha! But it's all good now that we cleared things out through Facebook, sigh Facebook is really the main medium for communication now, sad but true.

With Donovan. I really like how I can talk to him about anything and he would share his opinion.

I haven't really had a proper conversation with this guy in a while even if we meet at events it's either too noisy or crowded to have a proper conversation. But regardless will always take picture together. :)

When Zedd was spinning I did get out of the Cabana and joined the crowd as we enjoyed the music together. When it was Axwell's turn I went down again because sometimes raving with the crowd is much more fun. Dancing around, jumping and suddenly it started raining lightly. It has been a while since I last raved under the rain and thankfully it wasn't heavy. However out of a sudden it started pouring, but even so I refused to leave and just continued dancing, but to a point it got so heavy I had to get a shelter asap. We ran back to the VIP cabana, got ourselves sheltered. I was shivering like crazy, so bad that I was too cold to even move a step. Thank God the rain slowed down and I thought to myself to better leave now in case the rain gets worse again. In my defense I was sick so I also thought is best to leave before I get even more sick.

I really had a good time at Wicked Festival and although I was sick it did not stop me. I can't help it, I love raves too much! <3

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