Pre-Party for Future Music Festival 2014 at PLAY Club, The Roof

3:47 PM

I started clubbing at the age of 18, the age when I just entered college, met new friends and the saying goes, “curiosity kills a cat”. I was at that age where I’m so new to everything being out of the shell after 17 years. I still remember back then at clubs R&B mix was the most in thing, along with some trance and techno music. The clubs that I used to go to no longer exist! That was how long ago. Okay I just made myself sound old, I am not that old! The clubs I used to go to were Mardi Grass at One Utama, not sure if it’s still around, Maison, Savannah, clubs at the Heritage Row in Kuala Lumpur where it is no longer called Heritage Row. The Heritage Row now I believe is a row of restaurants.

The most happening music in clubs now are Electro Dance Music which I love as well! But to be honest with you I don’t really go clubs for fun anymore except if it is an event. I guess I am growing old, :(

Anyways last Wednesday on the 4th of December I attended the Pre-party for Future Music Festival 2014 at PLAY Club, The Roof at First Avenue. Old clubs are vanishing while new ones keep popping up like this one. No complains here, am always happy to check out new clubs. Check out The Roof here. Special thanks to Manoah for the invitation for such awesome party.

The anticipated DJ of the night was DJ Chuckie! Though some of us arrived early and mingled around, but no one left until DJ Chuckie shared his magic with us. His mixes were really good and it got me going till 2am! Well that’s because I had work the next day, or else I’d probably would have left around 3am. Hey one hour makes a lot of difference kay.

Meet Sarah and Catherine. I was shocked to hear their names because my Baptism and Confirmation name is Sarah and Catherine.

Over here we have Donovan, Nelson and Nate.

With Christopher and John Paul. My first picture with the PR guy. 

With Yukiko. 

I was actually deciding on whether to attend this event because it was a weekday but at the same time I also wanted to have some good fun. I have to say that I'm glad I attended this pre party because indeed it has been a while since I had this much fun in clubs. There were a few other club events that I've attended before this but don't know why just didn't have as much fun. I was accompanied with Asahi and Kronenbourg and they really kept me going given a long day that I had. The music was awesome, DJ Chuckie is awesome! 

Hopefully i'll get the chance to attend Future Music Festival 2014 because FMFA 2013 was one of the best raves i've experienced. You may read about FMFA 2013 here. :) See you next time!

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